New Research: Using Vitamin A to Fight Skin Cancer

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Often, we take our health for granted. It’s easy to subject ourselves to unnecessary risk factors when the consequences aren’t immediate. We buy health insurance, but then don’t really think that we’ll ever have to use it. Are you doing all you can to keep yourself in good health? Would you do anything differently if you knew you were going to suffer health consequences later?

Vitamin A is the Newest Secret for Fighting Skin Cancer

You have to be from the far side of the moon to not realize that skin cancer is caused by the sun. And so, as you know, sunscreen can help to prevent it. However, many sunscreens are messy, greasy and all they do is prevent further damage. So, the logical question is this: can something not only prevent sun damage, but actually help to heal some of the sun damage you have? The answer is yes.

Dr. Barry Lycka, founder of the Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation, recently spoke at Michael Mclean’s Mastermind club in Orlando Florida. Here’s the scoop – vitamin A Creams especially one variety known as retinyl palmitate (rp) can protect against the sun by absorbing solar radiation. It is additive to the effect of sunscreen. This prevents damage to DNA which leads to skin cancer. Here’s an easy way to remember – “ Join the anti skin cancer A team by making sure A is in your cream!”