Top Strategies for Winter Weather Preparedness

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Too often, organizations overlook the potential danger of winter weather. Not only can snow and ice create slipping and other hazards for your employees, but they can lead to major property damage as well. In order to properly prepare for the winter season, organizations must take a proactive approach to managing severe weather risks.

The following are some great tips to keep in mind when prepping for winter weather:

  • Review your insurance coverage and secure a policy to protect against winter hazards.
  • Trim trees away from your building before winter.
  • Ensure you have a procedure in place for restoring electrical services and devices.
  • Create a disaster supply kit that includes salt (to melt ice on driveways), sand (to improve traction) and snow shovels.
  • Account for high-risk situations, like frozen pipes, broken heating systems or loss of egress.
  • Identify who is responsible for keeping heating equipment in good working order as well as snow and ice removal. Determine if these responsibilities fall on the property or business owner. Arrange for snow removal contractors to clear driveways, doorways and roofs as necessary.
  • Determine what equipment needs to be protected from freezing. Use portable heaters in areas prone to freezing.
  • Monitor the weather closely, particularly during winter storm advisories. Follow any emergency instruction.
  • A
    llow employees to work from home or not report to work, if necessary, during inclement weather.
  • Keep names and phone numbers of your heating contractor, plumber, fire department, insurance agent and building owner on file.
  • Check for signs of water damage following a storm and address any damage in a timely manner.

Want a handy reference sheet for all of your winter preparedness planning needs?

Download your PDF copy to print and share with your team HERE.

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