This is How to Manage Your Holiday Budget

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Find something for everyone on your list without breaking the bank using these holiday budget and shopping tips.

Often, a leading cause of stress during the holiday season stems from money problems. If you are like most consumers, you have not planned ahead and may find yourself struggling for cash come January. Proper budgeting and smart shopping techniques will help you stay within budget while finding something special for everyone on your list.

Consider the following tips:

• Write down a maximum dollar amount that you want to spend for your entire list, and then track how much you are actually spending.

• Set aside money throughout the year to use for holiday spending.

• Take advantage of online ordering to save money and time by comparison shopping. Make sure to take advantage of Cyber Monday sales and free shipping codes.

• Buy gifts using cash. This will help you avoid putting too many expenses on your credit card.

• Give personalized gifts instead of expensive gifts. A less expensive, thoughtful gift can be worth more than a costly gift that the recipient may never use.

Keeping in mind the above tips will ensure that you can enjoy the holiday season without worrying about money.