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The Hurdles of Holiday Travel

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Whether you’re travelling to visit loved ones or looking to escape the cold, holiday traffic is nearly unavoidable. In fact, more people travel during the holidays than during any other time of the year, making holiday travelling not only a chance for a fun getaway, but also a potential headache.

To make holiday travel less stressful, here’s how to avoid the most common problems you might run into:

  • High costs—There are many ways to reduce travel costs; set a budget, book at least a month in advance, compare prices, and look for coupons and promotions.
  • Lost luggage—Pack a carry-on full of essentials so that, even if you must check a bag on a flight, you’ll be okay for a few days if your luggage is lost or delayed.
  • Flight changes—Track your flight plans online, or use an app to track your flight information and be notified of any changes that might impact your plans.
  • High traffic—Plan to travel at a less popular time, such as the day of or before a major holiday, or early in the morning before others are awake. Or, pay extra for conveniences such as a larger seat on a plan or early boarding.
  • Confusion or no time to plan—Use a travel agent to do the legwork for you if you’re either too busy or confused on how best to plan your trip.

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