Testimonials From Satisfied Mumby Clients

Mumby Insurance Brokers have been earning a reputation for superior service since 1975. Here are just a few examples of what others are saying about their experience working with us...

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A good friend of mine was worried about being ensured for his drafting services. He went to Mumby, and they took care of everything. He is now safely ensured and at ease. - Antonio Adamo

I have always had great service from Mumby Insurance.

- Paul Nevins

I really appreciate your care & compassion shown to me me. Your wonderful service is greatly appreciated. - Armaity Kanga

When I called regarding travel to Mexico l was given valuable advice.

- Henry S.

I have been with Mumby for years and to date they have always looked after all my needs for vehicle and homeowners insurance. Keep up the good work.... - Claudia Marco

I've been dealing with Mumby Insurance for 32 years and have had nothing but positive experience with them. They were available any time I called and happy to help or resolve any issues I may have had.

- Carlos Tavares

It is very informative talking to your customer service representatives about the products offered and the reasons for the high premiums sometimes. - Kayed Fatehi

We have been clients of Mumby for many, many years and have worked with many members of the team (I could probably name 10 ... and all were really nice). The service we have received has always been excellent. The transition form Economical to AVIVA went really smoothly.

Our account manager has been extremely professional, prompt and courteous. We have found that communication via email has worked really well with her. (In this day and age, it is certainly more convenient than phone calls). We look forward to working with Mumby's team for many years to come! 

- Linda Botman

I get answers to my questions right away, and dedicated service when it's needed. - Mark Clemmensen

I appreciate the update information concerning coverage for both my home and auto insurance. As well, customer support is always prompt and courteous.

- Kelly Lem

I trust Mumby. They deserve my business and they treat my trust like gold- Tong Hoang

Requests for information has always been responded to in a friendly and expeditious manner.

- Ciro Pollsinelli

You gave a quick response to my questions, and the quotation was less than I was paying elsewhere. - Greg Redden

You guys were fast. I wanted low cost insurance and you didn’t waste my time. You were also very patient with me when I was slow to complete my documentation, so I really can’t complain!

- Shaya M.

You listened to what I wanted, gave me options, and didn't push me to take on more than I needed. I understood the options and you were willing to accept my decisions. - Cassie W.

On the occasions of my needing to exercise my auto and my home insurance, Mumby made the entire experience painless... as enjoyable as an incident requiring insurance could be!

- Paul D.

Service, service, service. - Norm S.

Mumby has been great for business, automobile and home insurance. Quotes have been very quick and thoroughly explained. The owner of the company even emailed directly.

- Jenny Kerber

I am about 6 years with Mumby and I am still happy with their competitive rates. - Debebe S.

Great service, quick response time and competitive price.

- John G.

I love how your reception greets every caller with a cheerful "how can I make this your best day"... small detail but sends a nice message about Mumby's philosophy. Also over the years I've always had overall good customer care when I call in either with questions, requests for quotes or claims. Thanks. - Jason P

Immediate attention to issues that arise, and prompt feedback.

- Giancarlo Garofalo

As a customer I appreciate the associate was clear with the policy I was looking into. She was patient and really helpful. So that's why I would recommend Mumby Insurance when I know someone is looking for car insurance. - Kim C.

Last year in July our house in downtown Toronto was struck by lightening during a ferocious storm early one morning. Mumby was a great help in deciphering the maze of events as we had to replace everything from computers, tvs, and dishwashers. The house was back in order by September. No damage to the house itself.

- Sandra Franke

I shopped around for insurance on a new car and had actually signed on with one of the big banks. A day before I was about to get the car - they called to let me know they were increasing my quoted rate by 40%. A friend suggested I give Mumby a try instead. They had a quote for me in less than 5 min, with no hassle. Not only did they offer me the most competitive rate I had ever receivedbut last year, they actually lowered the cost even further. - Michael Attard

We were having our first child and buying our first home at the same time, and Douglas walked us through a detailed understanding of our options for life and home insurance that felt like we were getting advice from a trusted source, like a conversation between friends without bias or judgement. It keeps us coming back as our needs change!

- Liam Brown​

We have been clients with Mumby insurance since 1985, originally for apartment/office contents, and presently for both house and car insurance. We have always received prompt replies to our questions and best rates on our insurance needs. - Richard Howard

I have been a Mumby Insurance client since 1982, receiving coverage for my life insurance, home and cars insurance over all these years. The service received has always been GREAT. The only time I had a bit of an issue it was addressed quickly and to my satisfaction. It has been a good long lasting relationship. Thank you.

- John Frankovich

After searching for the best service and rate for my two cars and home, I found the best insurance coverage and price through Mumby. - Mohamad Jlilati

Mumby Insurance has been abundant for providing insurance services. They provide us with the required insurance quote in timely fashion.

- Bob Eshaghurshan

Your service is very good. You are a very reliable company. To deal with your staff was very pleasant and they were very efficient. Thank you to all and especially to Mary. I can strongly recommend your services. - Jacek Vogel

It was my first time getting home insurance for my first home. I had very little knowledge of insurance policies. But Mumby, after searching through several other companies, made everything very black and white. Their coverage was by far the most comprehensive while still managing to be the most cost effective. Even when I had gotten other competitor quotes that seemed to offer better coverage, Mumby still had them beat. But my favourite part about Mumby was their customer service. They managed to turn what I thought was a difficult and unpleasant experience into a good one that I feel confident and comfortable with. Thanks!

- Eric Tran​

Mumby Insurance is an awesome firm to work with! Having moved policies for home and auto to Mumby not only saved me money, but the staff have provided me with everything needed to make the right decisions without the use of any sales tactics! I recently had an auto claim and Mumby's team guided me through the process and looked after everything. Thank you! - Kaz Kanani

Awesome service.... people are pleasant and personable!

- Joy Raymer

The great customer service along with the fabulous rates offered by Mumby make it a total peace of mind for all my insurance needs and expectations. Wonderful Team Work! - Richard Bardalez

Your broker helped me with the renewal of our car insurance. There were things I wanted to change and I had questions about the new standard benefits. Mary answered my questions clearly in a language I could understand. She also reviewed all our car insurance coverage and confirmed that we were adequately covered, which gave me peace of mind (which is what insurance is all about). She also asked about other insurance coverage (home, life, etc.) and we discussed that.

During the telephone conversation I always felt she was genuinely interested in making sure we are adequately covered and not just trying to sell insurance. It was a very pleasant and informative experience for me and that is AWESOME considering it took place discussing insurance.

- Louise Jacques

Easy to deal with. All changes are completed quickly and efficiently. Always trying to get you the best deal. - Jan Jakowski

I receive newsletters from an auto insurance rates search company. When I get an email telling me the best possible insurance rate for my make and year of car, I check it and Mumby is always lower. I think that's pretty awesome.

- Bob Posliff

I feel very comfortable to call Mumby anytime I have a question or need help. - Niloufar Baradaran

I have been with Mum by for quite a few years and I remember how calling the old Mumby office, for whatever reason, was a grief-free experience. And I remember actually thinking this at the time. I used to call and be received by a pleasant and helpful person. The person I needed to speak with was available and answered the phone and was knowledgeable and could help me understand whatever it was I was needing. It was an awesome feeling to be that comfortable.

- Steve Black​

I have been with Mumby for a few years now and they have been great. I like how they interact with you through email and answer your questions in a timely manner so you can still keep working instead of being on the phone for long periods of time.
Last year, we got rear ended while sitting at a light and Mumby worked with us and got our car in the closest repair shop to us and everything went well. It was also nice that they followed up with us multiple times asking if my mother was feeling ok... I have referred 2 of my colleagues to Mumby... I will keep on referring as I have not had 1 problem! Thanks for being there when I need you! - Danielle Lawson

I would highly recommend Mumby for group benefits or any insurance products!

-Larry Gould

I have my home insurance with Mumby and they offer great coverage at good rates. What I particularly enjoy about working with Mumby is the personal touch they add to everything; I am not treated like a number or an account, but as a person. Also, they have regular mailings which are informative and fun. - Donald Peckover

I have been with Mumby for more than 10 years using their services for Home and Auto Insurance. All I can say they have always provided me with great professional service and attractive prices. Thank you.

- Albert Bendersky

Quite often we need a proof of insurance for our proposals and usually need it right away. Whenever I ask for one of these certificates I receive them almost within an hour or two from the requested time. As well, we often get a request for a COI from a City of Town for one of their purchase orders etc. Again, we always get these requests taken care of immediately. I also have my personal condo insurance with Mumby and am glad to say I'm very happy with my rate and policy. Great job Ladies and Gentlemen! - Angela Radcliffe

We have been with Mumby for a longtime. Love the friendly service and professionalism from our insurance representative. Quick and efficient service. Thank You!

- Francine Gilmour

We recently bought a motorcycle and within a week we received the policy required to bring it home. We are now in the process of buying a second car and in a couple of days we hope to have the policy to purchase the car. THANKS for your prompt attention. - Elizabeth Zebroski

Without asking, Mumby keeps our house and auto insurance up to date with the latest policy updates to keep us well protected. We are very comfortable with our insurance coverage, and very pleased with our premiums. We believe that we get very good value. We are also very pleased that we are living right, and have not had to make any claims. The best of both worlds.

- Michael Cameron

We needed to put together at response to an RFQ from a Client who requested that we carry additional insurance. Another member of our team hadn't heard from his professional insurance provider in over two weeks. Mumby replied in one day! We were able to quote with confidence, thanks so much. - Linda Lees

Mumby mailed me a card to tell me I might receive a reduced car insurance rate if I had snow tires installed on my car in the winter season. I phoned Mumby and told them I did have snow tires and as a result I did, in fact, receive a reduced rate. During that same phone call, Mumby also told me I would receive a reduced insurance rate because I was retired from work and therefore, not using my car for work. Again, my car insurance charge came down.

- Ann Rawson

I was happy with the experience regarding my auto policy inquiry with your broker. She answered my questions promptly and provided me with peace of mind that our policy is being correctly rated. -Sanjoy

We are very pleased! Douglas provides a professional and responsible liaison with his annual reviews. The hands-on is EXCELLENT, which is generally not experienced in the industry. As face-to-face is a part of our business, we appreciate it when we get it from you. The great rates are just an added bonus! -Randy

We have received great service from Mumby over the DECADES, including office visits from Douglas at least once a year. Douglas continues to support and protect us by reviewing our coverages, ensuring they are adequate and appropriate, and has reviewed other policies to ensure they are structured properly and are protecting us adequately.

Douglas continually provides an explanation of the coverages that are easy for us to understand. We find his presentations to our employees are valuable as well. As we have placed our trust in Mumby Insurance over the decades it’s easy for us to say that we are pleased with the service we receive.

– Jim and May Strasman

I‘m an OAA member who recently became a Mumby client. I am thrilled with not only the costs savings (over $2,000 for my car and home insurance alone!), but also their ability to get the life insurance protection that other insurance providers were unable to help with.

Mumby worked hard to put a plan in place that gives my family peace of mind at very affordable pricing. I’m looking forward to being a Mumby client for many years to come! -Josh Bedard, OAA, M.Arch, HBAS

I have confidently placed group insurance benefits as well as commercial coverage with Douglas Pinnell and his team at Mumby Insurance Brokers for several years. I am pleased to say it’s been hassle free, and everyone on my team seems to be happy. It is easy for me to pick up the phone and speak with Douglas, or a member of his team, whether the subject is big or small, and it is dealt with professionally and efficiently.

It makes me feel like I have a trusted insurance expert working on my behalf. I have referred business to Douglas and Mumby Insurance Brokers, because I know: they are solid in their advice, and knowledgeable, they over deliver, they’re patient, have great rates, and they provide what we need.

- Paolo Bugliari, II BY IV DESIGN

I hereby express my gratitude for your support and positive attitude throughout the process of insuring my new car through Mumby Brokers. I highly appreciate your professionalism, patience, and your willingness to explain in details all the terms and conditions of the insurance policy taking into consideration that I'm newcomer to Canada and that this was my first car insurance policy. Moreover, the premium you offered me was noticeably competitive comparing to other offers I received from other Insurers.

I assure you that I will be recommending you to anyone who asked me about an insurance, and I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. -Aous Churbaji, B.Arch, PMP, OAA - Intern Architect

This email is in regards to the excellent customer service I received from one of your insurance brokers at Mumby. After recently purchasing a new vehicle, my insurance rates sky-rocketed, so I asked Jennifer if she could look into it to see if there was anything I could do to have my policy lowered.

Luckily for me, Jennifer was able to spot that my insurance company did not have my drivers training certification, as well as my car being equipped with snow tires for the winter. Adding these to my policy, she was able to assist me in having my insurance policy re-evaluated. Thanks to your broker my premiums have dropped and I am finally able to enjoy my new vehicle.

-Jeffrey Anderson

The service I have received from Mumby has been outstanding!

-Dave Smith

I was very happy with Mary’s service in my recent dealings with Mumby Insurance. Our car lease was up for renewal and I needed for the insurance to be transferred to the new car. [My Mumby broker] answered all my inquires and she took care of the transfer promptly and seamlessly the same day and notified me as soon as it was complete. Thank you again for all your help in this matter in such a stressful time.
I just wanted to give a huge thanks for your teamwork in helping me obtain the proper coverage for my condo. I really appreciate their understanding and positive attitude throughout the entire process. A situation that was very stressful, due to strict deadlines, they made so easy for me. I am very thankful for their quick responses and processing. My deadline was met, allowing me to move into my new condo that day. Jennifer and Annica truly saved the day.

-Natalie Belciu

I really appreciate for your excellent job and very good service you gave it to me and thank you so much for your patience and kindness with me. I’m so comfortable with you to ask any questions or any information I need. Thanks again for your help, good luck and have a great day. -Dariush Pezeshki, Plaston Architect
It has been a pleasure working with you, since I had a car accident on July 6th, 2016. It was a bad accident, the front of the car was damaged, but you notified me that since I had a good driving record, I have a one time forgiveness. I was reliefed to know that you have coordinated with Economical Insurance to cover the cost of my car repair, and I only have to pay the deductible. I want you to know that I am sincerely grateful, I also assure you that I will remain the client of Mumby Insurance and Economical insurance as long as I am driving.

-Hady Lotfy/ Architect, OAA, MRAIC, Senior Associate Principal

I am very happy with the quality of your service, and the level of care you have offered. Most importantly, throughout the process I remained confident that I am with right person and right office. I wish you all the best, and would like to stick with you for upcoming insurance needs in future. Thank you again. -Mahmud HASAN, Architect, OAA, MRIBA, MRAIC, MIAB, LEED AP, PMP

Starting a new business is a stressful time that involves making a thousand small, sometimes difficult, decisions. Your Broker's professional, prompt and informative service ensured that selecting and purchasing our insurance went as smoothly as possible, and wasn't one of the things contributing to our stress! She reviewed the options with us, and explained very clearly all issues we did not understand. Thanks.

-Matt Galvin, M.Arch, OAA, Partner, G Architects

As a client who has used Mumby for many years we have never been disappointed with value or quality of the products and services offered. We really appreciate the personal attention and customer service you provide. -Susan, Cricket Design

When I first set out on the daunting task of building my own practice, your broker jumped right in to find me the best insurance at the best rate. Her recommendations have always been appreciated and her responsiveness lets me focus on my work, not my insurance policies.

-Stephanie Snow, Snow Larc Landscape Architects Inc

Douglas Pinnell has taken care of our group benefits protection for over six years. During that time, we have found Douglas Pinnell to be personable and helpful. He takes the time to explain our coverages in a way we can understand, and I find that I learn something new each time we meet. I appreciate how Douglas not only services our group benefits program but also advises on our personal and business protection as well.

The various publications we receive from Mumby Insurance Brokers are also appreciated . I am pleased with the service and attention we receive from Douglas and Mumby Insurance Brokers. -Chris Radigan, Teeple Architect Inc.

When I think of having to deal with my car or home insurance for myself or for my family, it has been, quite honestly, sometimes arduous and frustrating. However, working with one of your brokers has been quite a positive experience. She has resolved issues that have come up for me this past year in a timely and efficient manner, but most of all, I think it’s her cheerful, authentic tone and empathetic manner that I most appreciate.

Both on the phone and by email, your broker has made me that feel I’m not invisible, but rather a valued customer.


I am a client of Mumby and was so impressed with the organization, I am now an employee! As a single Mom I am most concerned with costs, Mumby couldn`t be beat. I didn`t even realize the costs for car insurance could be so different between companies. Thank goodness I shopped around!

As an extremely value-added bonus, the customer service is second to none. I would and will recommend Mumby to anyone for all their insurance needs! -Kelly

I would like to take this opportunity to offer you my personal thanks for all your assistance with the transfer of our insurance needs (house/auto). You actually made the process enjoyable with your great sense of humour - now who often says insurance shopping is enjoyable? You answered all of my questions in a timely way, and I felt like you were sincere in trying to give me the best possible rates.

As well, I appreciate that you assisted me, after business hours, in an effort to get me those pink slips prior to expiration of existing insurance policy. I would highly recommend you to any of my friends or colleagues should they be looking for alternate insurance opportunities.

Again, thanks for the great service and the laughs! You made my week.

-Angel Virant-Lintack

My Mom (a 35 year veteran in the insurance business) wanted me to say that you are very efficient, and how you manage information and your personal interactions with people are simply awesome! Thanks so very much. - John Anthon Di Sabatino

First and foremost I wanted to thank you for all your help and support on the process of getting our new car. Once again you were there for us to take care of our business seamlessly and fast. You are an asset to your company and we look forward to work with you in years to come.

-Nadine La Calamita, Financial Services Manager

Upon signing up for my policy I was impressed with the level of service I received from your broker. Good customer service! -Lloyd Codner

I want to thank you for your continued excellence in service. I have come to appreciate the quality and excellence of your support. This was most recently reinforced in my latest interaction with a Mumby broker.

I had a question about a recent claim which I spoke to one of your brokers about. She not only took the time to research and respond to this but did so in a very prompt and courteous manner. Her response was thorough and precise. Moreover, she did an outstanding job in advocating on my behalf. I share this with you because it is rare to see this exemplary service from someone.

I want to thank you for applying such an outstanding resource in support of my account. I do hope that you make effort to tangibly recognize the excellent broker who looked after me. She models all that is excellent about Mumby and goes above and beyond to ensure that customers are superbly taken care of.

-Sam Saif

I have never had an issue with Mumby Insurance so for me that qualifies as a good experience. - Jeno Toth

Your broker went above and beyond in providing customer service. By request, she agreed to extensively review home and auto policy options with me for my own benefit. This demonstrated her competence giving me peace of mind and trust in her. I've since switched both of those policies to Mumby Insurance.

Your broker is absolutely great to talk to always patient and attentive.

-Juanita Saulnier-Maharaj

Douglas is always friendly and helpful. I appreciate his quick responses to our group benefits plan inquiries and just how lovely he is to work with in general. I would definitely recommend Mumby Insurance to others! -Christina Ballarino

I had the pleasure of dealing with one of your excellent brokers and found her to be a wonderful person to work with, extremely helpful and would like to commend her for her exemplary work. She was very polite, kind, friendly, and considerate, and highly professional. She found a discount I qualify for as a retiree on my car insurance because I have a clean driving record. I have been retired for quite a long time and she found this discount for me while others have not.

I hold her in the highest regard and believe her to be a tremendous asset to your company. She should be commended for her excellence in customer service. It is people like your broker that make your company stand out above the others.

-Ursala Sagan

I required a Certificate of Insurance for a client and called customer service. The helpful staff directed me to send an email to certificates @mumby.com. What could be easier?! Soon after, my certificate was delivered to my inbox. Next time I won't even have to call! Thank you for making this so easy and fast. - Maggie Ralph

Through our extensive working relationship over last 24 hours, we have been nothing but impressed with your professionalism as well as your organizational, problem solving and skills in communication with the client. Through your efforts you have helped us to achieve our goals. Thank you very, very much!

-Wojtek Holownia, M.Arch, OAA

Your brokers are very knowledgeable, straightforward, friendly, and personable. They get the job done. -Richard James

Within 2 hours of my phone call to report storm damage last July, a clean up crew arrived to begin the process. My first insurance claim in over 40 years.

-Yvonne Pagani

Recently I had a claim. I called insurance company, surprisingly I got the solution right away and the result was great! I am very satisfied with their service. - Jenny Dai

Your broker recently helped me put insurance in place on another car which will be used primarily by our daughter, Amanda, who is a young driver. Throughout my numerous inquiries, questions and concerns,your broker was patient, helpful and supportive. In the end I am glad to say that I was able to get insurance for Amanda that I understood and felt comfortable buying. 

-Christopher M. Barré - B. ARCH., OAA, MRAIC DEVELOPMENT INK

We appreciate and enjoy your communications, a rare occurrence by Insurers. - Michael Hogg

I am very pleased with Mumby's performance with all of my insurance needs. I want to thank you for all of your troubles dealing with my situations and hope we can relate more on a policy basis rather than claim basis in the future. I know however that when problems arise I can count on your services to do the job properly, expediently and with excellent results. Thank you kindly.

-Joseph Passa, OAA, MRAIC, LEED AP

I am writing in regards to one of your sales people. Your broker went above and beyond in a moment of absolute need. I was stressed beyond belief and I absolutely believe without her help, we would have lost the house that day - and this was the perfect house for all of us. We couldn't have found one better and you came through for us! Thank you for creating a great team at Mumby! -Jeff Bowring

I just wanted to send you this e-mail as our token of appreciation for all your help, support and services during our transition time. You were always there for us when we needed you by answering our endless questions, following up with us and providing us with proper advice and pointing the right direction to us; till we made our decision for our insurance and decided to go with Mumby Insurance; which I can say, was the right choice.


I've been with Mumby for about a decade now and they are all taking good care of us since then till now. They are all very helpful and making sure that their costumers are satisfied with their service. - Marianito Ronquillo

I would like to bring to your attention my recent smooth application for a loss of a center stone on a ring that I wear everyday. The insurance adjuster was very professional and aided me in the proper completion of the claim form. I couldn't believe how fast the whole process took and was amazed to receive the cheque within a few weeks without anyone questioning the costs. Friends who have insurance with Chubb always boast how good their dealings are, but this experience with Waterloo Insurance was just as good!

-Michael Akerman, CGA

I'm really happy with your service and the information i needed when i was looking for a new car insurance. The lady who helped me was helpful and patient to me. She made sure i understood all conditions and that i was comfortable with your company. It's been almost a year with your company and i'm still pleased with the service. - Kimberly Chan

I am convinced that our banks and insurance companies could learn about successful customer service and responsiveness from Mumby. Thank you for excellent service. Following the catastrophic loss of my automobile, I relied on the services of Mumby Insurance Brokers to safeguard my interests and realize the full value of my claim. The advice that I had already received from your firm in optimizing my insurance coverage was invaluable in seeing a speedy settlement made.

-H. M. Lay Architect

Joining the Mumby Insurance Plan was one of the best business decisions we’ve made!

I just want you to know how appreciative I am of the service you've provided. Your patience, personal touch and care allowed for a pleasurable experience. I'm hoping to sell the Honda Accord to my nephew and will be referring him to you. Thanks again for all your help and for finding us the best rates for our cars and house. Extremely Satisfied!

-Donna Kiernander

Mumby has always been there for me . Extremely helpful and pleasant. - John Gillies

I have had my car insured with Mumby Insurance for many, many years and have always received excellent service. This year, when I needed to insure a second, then a third, vehicle, my Mumby representative undertook to review all my insurance requirements.

She diligently advised me of all of the many options that were available to me. As a result of Anne's very meticulous explanations, and having become aware of the many cost savings that would result from combining my various insurance policies, I have now transferred ALL my insurance to Mumby - my only regret being that I hadn't done this many years ago.

Mumby has been a great company to deal with. Anytime, I have had any questions about my insurance, they have answered them quickly. - Sandy Sellens

I wanted to thank you for all your incredible help over the past few days trying to sort out my home insurance. It is so complicated with my new family situation (separation) and needing to rent the basement out again but with this new idea of maximizing rent with short term renters. And then with the added component of being properly insured for by home office/business, I most certainly appreciated the time you took to explain the various options As I mentioned before, I am really appreciating working with a brokerage that specializes in architects and their practices. I feel properly taken care of, which is what every clients wants to feel.


Dealing with your office has been an absolute delight. Your broker worked tirelessly over several weeks to find all the information that I required, and then carefully and patiently guided me to determine my best course of action. The personal attention and consideration that I received allowed me to easily understand all the issues, and made the whole process very simple and pleasant. -Henry Petroff

I have recently set up a home insurance plan with Mumby Insurance Brokers. You responded to my query almost instantly and set up a very competitive home insurance policy for me within 24 hours. Mumby’s broker was knowledgeable, friendly and was able to meet my very tight timeline. She turned what could have been a very stressful task into a very pleasant experience. Thanks!


This short note is to acknowledge and appreciate your deep sense of customer care and service. You went the extra mile to explain each coverage in detail via phone and email. This way I got a better understanding of my coverages. Keep up the good work. -Ravi Salis

I wanted to take the time to properly thank you for taking care of me and my account and always being so responsive. Mumby is fortunate to have such a competent and loyal employee! So, thanks again for all your hard work, that is all much appreciated from my end….big time!

-Jeff Swartz

We have worked with Mumby for five years. Anthea and Doug have been wonderful. Always prompt and look for the best fit for our organization. - Brynell D'Mello

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the service from the broker, Mumby Insurance Brokers, that you have working with the OALA group. I had two separate difficult insurance issues which they solved quickly and in a very professional and high service manner.

-G. Dark

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for your prompt and high quality services provided for us for more than 30 years. We are so fortunate to have Mumby Insurance Brokers as our insurance agents and highly recommend your company. -K. Senyshyn

Out of this world! The way all principals involved responded and worked together so efficiently and in an organized manner was unbelievable and amazing!

-K. Khazra

We recently added our children to our insurance policy. We requested a few changes and make a few alternate decisions. Mumby was very patient and provided great support. - Andrew Jackson

I have great confidence in Mumby Insurance Brokers. I have had several dealings with your company and every time you act not only with great speed, but do it in a most pleasant and informative way. I no longer shop around for quotes because you have my utmost confidence and trust. It has always been a pleasure to do business with you.

Every contact I have had with the Mumby office staff has been courteous and professional, but every contact always offers more - there is always attention to detail, and a personal touch. I often feel I am speaking with family!

With respect to your customer service survey,I found it easy to leave all the selections at 'Excellent', since the staff at Mumby have been nothing less than excellent when servicing our account. Whenever an issue has arisen or I require help and explanation, I have been treated with respect and have been given the appropriate assistance to alleviate any concerns or detrimental repercussions.

As a member of a Professional Group, I was so impressed with the excellent service from Mumby. The quick, polite, accurate and professional service I received with competitive quotes that I never expected to see. I highly recommend Mumby Insurance and we are lucky to be using their services in Alberta and Ontario.

-Nabeel Smith, Engineer

Over the many years I have had the pleasure of dealing with Mumby Insurance Brokers Inc. The staff have been very professional, being prompt, responsive and helpful. Having the home, properties, and now car insurance with Mumby Insurance Brokers Inc. has proven to be most economical in comparison with other companies. I look forward to continuing our great relationship. -Nelson Wong, architect

I appreciate your professional customer service! You very patiently answer customer’s questions and resolve customer concerns, always providing the greatest protection with the best price. I would recommend Mumby to all my friends.

- Charles Li, B.Arch., M.Arch.

When I was rear ended at a stop light the agent I spoke with was very calming and helpful. Just what was needed during a stressful time. - Jay Richie

My family is very pleased with the efficient and fair service we received from Mumby Insurance Brokers and Economical Insurance Group particularly for the property damage claim we made after the July 8, 2013 flooding in Toronto. Our claim was received and dealt with courteously and promptly.

The Claims Adjuster sent to our home was very respectful, patient and clear in explaining our coverage and the claims process. We certainly recommend Mumby and Economical to anyone in need of insurance.

Great professional and timely assistance! Your broker was fantastic to deal with! We recently changed mid-period in our our policy to a newer vehicle and had received awesome support from the team! - Dave Barhay