Talking and Driving

Why Talking On Your Cell Phone While Driving Is Dangerous

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Everyone likes to talk. Most people enjoy driving. But when these two activities are combined, trouble can arise.

It’s clear that talking on a cell phone while driving rarely makes anyone a better driver. It’s true that having a cell phone can be a lifesaver in the event of an emergency. However, talking and driving at the same time can cause an emergency.

Many studies have addressed the safety aspects of cell phones and driving, including the following Mythbuster that compares driving while talking vs. drinking and driving! Which is more dangerous?

Talking and Driving Safety Habits

1. Pull over!

If you’re going to use a phone pull off to the side. Safe driving should be your first priority — not talking on the phone.

2. Look Ma, hands free!

If possible, take advantage of the hands free wireless phone accessories whether a mounted device or a speaker phone accessory. Your hands belong on the wheel.

3. Silence please!

Stop the conversation, even those happening within your car, during heavy traffic or hazardous driving conditions such as rain, sleet, snow and ice. Remember, your first responsibility as a driver is to pay attention to the road.

4. Sense & Sensibility.

Place all calls, even hands-free calls, when you’re not moving or before you pull into traffic. Try to place your calls before you begin driving or synchronize them with those times you may be stopped.

5. What are you talking about?

Refrain from stressful or emotional conversations that may be particularly distracting. Such conversations and driving do not mix. They’re dangerous when you’re behind the wheel. If necessary, suspend these types of calls while on the road.

Help! I need somebody!

Use your phone to call for help or to help others in emergencies. A cell phone is one of the greatest tools you can own to protect yourself and your family in dangerous situations and it provides a perfect opportunity to be a “good Samaritan” in your community. With a cell phone at your side, help is only 3 numbers away.