Special Events

Special Events Liability: Use This Checklist to Minimize Your Risks

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By their very nature, special events can present unique risks not normally experienced in the day-to-day operations of your organization. The same is true if you are personally hosting a special event.

While there may always be a chance for the unknown, mapping out potential risks posed by a special event can go a long way in preventing them from turning into serious liabilities for you or your organization.

The Special Events Liability Checklist

To assess the possible risks of your event, review the following and check the appropriate boxes (click here to download a PDF version).

For every “YES” you check, there should be an association precautionary measure being taken to minimize that risk. For example, if there is a “concern for spectator safety,” it is your job as the event organizer to determine what reasonable precautionary measures will be taken to increase the safety of those spectators.

Special Events Liability Insurance

Of course, even the best laid plans can still unfold in surprising, and sometimes devastating ways. If you’d like to discuss your liabilities as a special event organizer, please contact our office and one of our insurance experts will be happy to assist you.