Car Rental Insurance

Should I Buy Car Rental Insurance?

Anthea Auto

Whenever you rent a car for business or pleasure, you are offered some form of insurance coverage by the rental company. Sometimes this coverage is adequate and fairly priced, other times it is not.

If after reading the fine print (including exclusions, limitations and restrictions), you find the terms unacceptable, you could try another rental car company… or, we can offer a low cost alternative that extends coverage to the rental car.

What Is OPCF 27?

Called an OPCF 27 (Legal Liability for Non-Owned Automobiles), this endorsement provides physical damage coverage for the policy holder (including their spouse and all drivers listed on the policy) in the event of loss or damage to a rented automobile. The insured must carry physical damage coverage to qualify.

The endorsement also extends the policy to provide third party liability, accident benefits and uninsured automobile coverage to the insured whenever he or she is driving a rented automobile with a gross weight of 4,500 kilograms or less.

Policy limits are available from $25,000 to $50,000 CDN depending on the insurance company. Higher limits may be available for higher valued automobiles.

By adding an OPCF #27 to your automobile policy, you won’t have to worry about buying extra insurance whenever you rent a car in Canada or the United States. Call us to find out more.