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Over the past few months, you may have noticed some changes in our communications. These are small changes such as our updated logo, colours, and images. Today, we are sharing more about the reason for these changes.

Through studying and learning from leaders such as Steve Jobs, Simon Sinek, Jack Canfield, and many others, we have learned that for any business, clarifying why it exists is important. This is foundational to its success, and what moves the business forward, especially as it evolves. So in 2018, Douglas and I decided to embark on a journey that would help to clarify our why, tell our story, and share our values.

We felt our why needed to be more engaging than simply “We Sell Insurance”. On reflecting on the over the 40-plus years we have been in business, we recognize that we have provided so much more value than the mere sale of an insurance policy. Giving clients advice, helping them manage risk, offering solutions, and guiding them through the claims process are all part of being their trusted insurance advisor. We also support community events both locally and for the professions we work with. And, we provide education to various groups to help them succeed in their lives and businesses, often without charging a fee for our service.

Sharing our story, clarifying how we connect, and even updating logos is important and meaningful work for any business. It is also not something that can be done overnight. In our case it took over a year, and with the help of a consultant who specializes in insurance brokers, we were able to clarify the uniqueness of our company.

The end result was that we chose “Building Relationships and Inspiring Confidence”. This reflects that we are in a relationship business, and that over the many years most of our clients work with us, we continue to evolve our relationship with clients by continuing to offer more value. Confidence is so important when it comes to insurance. Most people tell us they find insurance very confusing, so after speaking with one of our team members, the goal is that they feel confident.

To continue to build relationships, we have also started to incorporate more of the community service work we are involved with since our connections and followers want to know more about how we give back.

We are very proud of our story at Mumby, a great Canadian success story! If you would like to learn more about our early beginnings, please visit our About Us page.