Added Safety From A Car Rear-View Camera

Anthea Auto

Every year in Canada, thousands of children are injured and hundreds killed because of a vehicle backing into them. Ideally, if all vehicles were equipped with rear-view cameras, future accidents of this type could be eliminated.

Many new vehicles come with rear-view video systems, and, as an extra bonus, include warning beeps and guidelines to alert drivers when they are getting too close to an object or when they have parked the vehicle perfectly.

What About Older Vehicles?

Don’t worry, owners of older vehicles! Even if your vehicle didn’t come with a rear-view camera, there are many available for purchase on the Internet. If you already have a video monitor, cameras can be purchased for under $50; they can cost up to several hundred dollars if you get a monitor with the camera. With a little bit of wiring skill, you can add this extra safety feature in under an hour.

How To Install A Rear View Camera?

If you decide to tackle the installation of your rear-view camera, here is a quick tutorial that shows the key steps you’ll need to follow: