Protecting Your Home from Wind Damage

Anthea Personal Property Insurance

Floods, lightning strikes and other common storms can endanger your home, but you also need to consider the risks of the wind damage that accompanies these weather events. Canadians who live within 80 kilometres of a coastline are at risk of being exposed to hurricanes. To prevent excess damage, plan for a storm by keeping your homeowners policy insured values up-to-date, purchase flood insurance and practice a family evacuation plan.

For your home, high winds can mean damage to your roof, windows, doors and siding. And since wind is usually just one factor of dangerous storms, any wind damage could create openings that would further expose your home.

Here are some ways you can protect your home:

  • Roof—Inspect your roof from the ground to ensure it’s fully covered. If you notice any damage, you should considering having it inspected professionally to ensure it’s up to code and that all of the shingles are secure. Make sure your gables are securely attached and reinforced to the frame walls.
  • Doors—Make sure your doors are made of a strong substance that isn’t heavy enough to present a risk if it’s torn off, such as solid wood or a hollow metal. You can also secure your existing doors by installing additional hinges or deadbolts.
  • Windows—Install impact-resistant shutters on large windows and patio doors to protect your home from changes in air pressure and flying objects.
  • Yard—Remove any tress or other foliage that could come loose and fall on your home in high winds.

After a storm passes, you should inspect your home for damage as soon as possible. You should also call 519-885-5956 if you need to make a claim or have questions about your insurance coverage for wind damage.