You’re Not Covered! Will Your Insurance Pay Out?

Anthea General Insurance Information

You’re planning a sunny vacation down south to escape the cold Canadian winter temperatures. You have everything planned out: Your flights are booked, your accommodations are set, and you purchased your travel insurance for safety and peace of mind. But, little do you know, that insurance policy you just purchased might not pay out if you actually need to use it!

How can this be?

In an alarming report by CBC’s Marketplace, we get a glimpse of how little information many of us actually know about the insurance policies we rely on. In fact, many people don’t know what insurance overage they actually need, how to properly apply for that coverage, or what benefit it will provide for them if they do need to make a claim.

Don’t be a naive insurance owner. Watch “You’re Not Covered” (by clicking the video image below) to get a better sense of what questions you should be asking from your insurance provider.


As you will see in the video, many Canadians are buying their insurance online or from banks. While this may save them time or appear to be inexpensive, in the long run it may be expensive. At Mumby, we always recommend you speak to one of our insurance experts in order to ensure you are appropriately covered.