Electric Scooter Insurance

Do Motorized Scooters Need Additional Insurance?

Anthea Auto, Personal Property Insurance

Two-wheel scooters (aka “kick scooters”) are all the rage these days and it seems every kid on the block has one or wants one. But, did you know that there’s a new type of scooter available? It has a motor and it’s not just for children!

These electric scooters may be fun for your children, or may be a convenient way for you to get around during the summer month, but they do need to be insured. Please keep in mind that motorized two-wheel scooters are not covered by your property insurance.

Check with us before buying one to find out what your coverage options will be.

Not Sure What A Motorized Kick Scooter Is?

This review shows an example of an electric kick scooter. This is just one of many alternative electric vehicles that can be used as toys or quick commuter vehicles. Again, please check with us about your coverage.