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5 Ways to Make Your Business Meetings More Productive

Anthea Business Development

Meetings are a key component to any high-functioning workplace and growing your business. Not only are they are a primary method for employees to interface and discuss ongoing projects, but they can also encourage team building.

However, meetings can quickly become unproductive if the proper precautions aren’t considered. This can lead to delayed projects and frustrated employees.

Make Your Meetings More Productive

The following are five common ways meetings turn into time wasters:

  1. Scheduling unnecessary meetings. While it’s important to discuss projects face-to-face, some employees may have a tendency to schedule unnecessary meetings. Employees should be encouraged to consider whether or not they need a meeting to accomplish their goals, or if a simple email will suffice.
  2. Inviting too many people. It can be tempting for an employee to invite more team members to a meeting than is necessary. When this happens, it can be difficult for those in attendance to fully understand their role in a project. Employees should have a good rationale for each person they invite to a meeting.
  3. Taking poor notes. Someone should always take notes during a meeting. Without adequate notes, key action items can get lost in the shuffle and another unnecessary meeting may be required as a follow-up.
  4. Underpreparing. Meeting owners should come prepared with an agenda. This agenda should account for every topic that needs to be discussed during the time allotted. Without an agenda, it can be difficult for meetings to have a proper structure.
  5. Scheduling long meetings. Meetings that last over an hour often have diminishing returns. Meeting owners should book meetings in small intervals to avoid overwhelming attendees.

Do Your Meetings Still Suck?

Even if you follow the above rules, it’s possible that your meetings still suck. Watch this quick video to learn how to take your meetings to the next level of productivity: