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Make Healthy Eating Choices at Home and on the Go

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As we head into fall, our schedules get busier. This can make healthy eating more challenging! However, cultivating good eating habits is a sure-fire way to boost your health both at home and on the go. Health Canada suggests the following four habits for healthy eating:

Healthy Habits at Home

Be mindful of your eating habits—Notice when you’re hungry and when you’re full, and slow down and focus on your food while you’re eating.

Cook more often—Plan what you’re going to eat, and make it yourself so you know exactly what ingredients make up your meal.

Enjoy your food—Enjoy mealtime by focusing on flavours, socializing at mealtime, and integrating culture or traditions.

Eat meals with others—Eating with others can improve your mood and help you explore new healthy foods that you wouldn’t normally try.

Making Smart Food Choices at a Restaurant

Eating healthy doesn’t always mean sacrificing your favourite meals. Although it may not seem like it, you can still stay on track with your diet when enjoying a meal out with friends and family.

Since restaurants—especially fast food chains—tend to use more fat, salt and sugar than you would use for a home-cooked meal, you just need to be smart about what you order from the menu. To make it simple, here are some things to keep in mind next time you’re eating out:

  • Avoid fried and carb-heavy options, like fried chicken or macaroni and cheese.
  • Watch your portion size, as many restaurants give you more than one serving.
  • Be mindful of your beverage choice, since there are many hidden calories in sugary sodas and alcoholic drinks.