3 Keys for Using and Maintaining Automobile Headlights

Anthea Auto

Your vehicle’s headlights are an essential part of staying aware of your surroundings on the road. Bright, well-maintained headlights can be the difference between seeing a pedestrian and a fatal crash. Unfortunately, many drivers don’t use or maintain their headlights properly.

3 Keys for Safe Headlight Use

Here are 3 simple steps every driver should follow to ensure they are getting the most safety from their automobile headlights:

1. Always Use Your Headlights

You should always turn your vehicle’s headlights on as soon as you get into the driver’s seat. Even if it’s bright outside, your headlights can help pedestrians and other drivers see you more easily. Some experts also recommend that drivers always use their headlights’ high beams at night to increase visibility, and to turn them off only when there’s an oncoming vehicle.

2. Inspect Your Headlights Regularly

It’s always best to check your headlights regularly to ensure that they’re clean and aren’t in danger of burning out. Here’s a great trick that will help you keep your headlights clean (and looking new!):

3. Replace Both Headlights at the Same Time

Because headlights dim over time, it’s always best to replace them both at the same time in order to create an even field of vision when driving.