Knowledge Is Power: Electrical Safety Tips for the Home

Anthea Personal Property Insurance

Electricity helps us live comfortably at home, but it isn’t something to take for granted. According to the National Fire Information Database, electrical fires account for 20% of total residential fires. Just one fire is enough to endanger your home, family and finances.

Make sure to protect your home from electrical fires by keeping the following tips in mind:

  • Know the details about your home’s electrical systems, including the location of any circuit boards, fuse boxes and shut-offs.
  • Always check electrical cords for damage before plugging them in.
  • Only use one high-wattage device per outlet to avoid overloads.
  • Remember that appliances are always connected to electricity when they’re plugged in—even if they’re turned off.
  • Don’t unplug a device by pulling on its cord. Instead, pull on the plastic head that’s connected to the outlet.
  • Make sure that lights and other heat-generating devices are placed on even surfaces and away from flammable objects.
  • Use outlet covers to protect small children from inserting their fingers or objects into outlets.
  • Contact a certified electrician if you suspect that anything’s wrong with your home’s systems.

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