Keep Kids Safe as They Play

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Swinging to the sky, cascading across the monkey bars and sliding to the ground are joys that kids love to experience on the playground. It’s especially fun for kids to enjoy these activities in the comfort and safety of their own backyards. However, thousands and thousands of children are treated for playground-related injuries each year.

How can you keep your child safe as they play?

Use these playground safety tips to help keep your kids safe:

  • Cover the areas under and around playground equipment with materials such as hardwood chips, mulch, pea gravel or sand to provide padding in case children fall.
  • Do not hang more than two swings from the same section of a swing support structure.
  • Periodically inspect your playground equipment for wear and deterioration such as rust, chipped paint, cracked plastic or loose splinters.
  • Do not place play equipment too close together.
  • Do not purchase playground equipment with elevated platforms, walkways or ramps that do not have guardrails and other barriers to prevent falling.
  • Remove potential tripping hazards such as rocks, plant roots and large toys.
  • Do not purchase slides or climbing equipment that is more than two metres high for school-aged children or 1.25 metres high for pre-school children.

While kids are playing, supervise them at all times and tell your children right away if they are doing something dangerous with the hope that they won’t do it again.