Insurance Scams

Big Insurance Savings? Beware Deals That Seem Too Good to Be True!

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Be careful of offers of big discounts on Auto insurance, even if in print; it may be a SCAM!

Auto Insurance Scams in Ontario

Last year in Ontario, several newspaper ads ran throughout the province offering a 50% discounts on auto insurance. Consumers called and were asked to provide their personal information, along with a credit card number to purchase coverage.

To their astonishment and disappointment, they later found out that no policies were issued and the phone number was out of service. To add further insult, some of the advertisements were paid for with the consumers’ own credit cards!

Fake Pink Slips

Another common insurance scam is unscrupulous people selling counterfeit insurance pink slips. They pose as brokers on the phone and arrange to meet you in libraries and coffee shops. They will take your personal information, along with a credit card number and leave you with an insurance pink slip, promising to mail the final policy to you in a couple of weeks. You will never see the “broker” or the policy, or your money again.

It is illegal to drive without auto insurance. Whether you are aware or not, you could be fined up to $5000 for driving without insurance on your first offence. By trusting your insurance needs with us, you can be confident you are well protected.