How You Benefit From Working With An Independent Insurance Broker

Anthea General Insurance Information

We’re proud to be independent insurance brokers. Each and every day we act as professional insurance advisors to serve all of your insurance needs. Our dedicated employees are continually trained through the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) and other approved programs and courses.


Your independent broker is educated, trained and licensed to sell insurance and provide insurance advice. We’re experts at sorting out the complexities of various insurance polices of insurance companies and we present insurance information to you in a clear and no nonsense manner. Through detailed research and daily exposure to ever-changing property and casualty market conditions, your broker is the most qualified insurance professional in the marketplace.


We are the experts who simplify the intricacies of insurance policies. We share our knowledge and present our best recommendations to you. We represent several different insurance companies and we shop around to negotiate the best coverage for your protection, matched to the best premiums. Simply put, we work with you to help you make the most informed decision possible.


Over the years we’ve provided customers like you with prompt and personal service, whether you’re purchasing or updating your insurance. In the event of a claim, we make sure you are treated fairly by all concerned.


As an independent business located in your community, we will meet with you in person to understand your specific and personal requirements.

Choices, Confidentiality and Peace of Mind are all Yours!

We maintain the highest professional standards and are committed to keeping all of your information in the strictest confidence. We’re proud to be your independent insurance broker. Thank you for choosing us.