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How to Navigate Car and Home Insurance Rate Increases in 2019

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We’ve previously written about why rates are increasing in 2019 – as a reminder, here is a quick snapshot of the costs and factors involved.

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Like many things, insurance operates in a cyclical manner, where events and situations impact the pricing and the availability.

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So, what is a person or family to do to minimize rate increases?

We recommend you speak with an experienced insurance expert who will have suggestions and recommendations for you to consider. Insurance is very personal, so it’s important that your insurance protection is customized to your unique needs.

At Mumby, each of our licensed insurance brokers have on average at least 10 years of insurance experience. This means you can rely on their expertise to act as your advisor, giving you helpful and meaningful suggestions. We also believe in being transparent with our clients; we will gladly advise you of the premium estimates we have for all our insurers.

We believe that now, more than ever, a trusted advisor will help pave the way and minimize the bumps along the way from these rate increases. We will not abandon you, or leave you feeling vulnerable.

While Mumby does offer online quotes for our client’s convenience, before you buy your insurance, we will always contact you to ensure you are purchasing the insurance protection that is most suitable for your specific needs. We never want to see a client have their coverage declined because they failed to provide important information, or to have a gap in their insurance protection because they were not certain which insurance was the right for them.

In 2019, insurers are looking to gain profitability. This means that a consumer inadvertently providing incorrect information, which leads to the insurance not being reflective of the risk the insurance company is assuming, may very well lead to a denial from the insurer if a claim occurs. Bottom line, the insurers are crossing their T’s and dotting their I’s as they review claims, so it is important you have had the proper guidance to provide correct information and make the right decision.

As 2019 continues to shape up to be a challenging year in insurance, with a number of stormy issues on the horizon, you can rest assured that your brokers at Mumby have the experience, knowledge, and capability to help navigate you through the waves, keeping you and your family’s finances well afloat.

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