Poor Air Quality in Your Home

Is Poor Air Quality in Your Home Making You Sick?

Anthea Healthy Living

Air circulation in your home is easily restricted, often leading to poor air quality and adverse health effects. In fact, indoor air can have higher levels of pollutants than outdoor air and can cause environment-related health problems.

Among other conditions, poor indoor air quality can lead to upper respiratory irritation, skin irritation, chills, fever, cough, chest tightness, congestion, sneezing, runny nose, muscle aches and pneumonia.

How to Improve Air Quality In Your Home

To improve the quality of air in your home, consider doing the following:

  1. Install a radon mitigation system to reduce the level of radon gas in your home.
  2. Monitor your home to make sure there is adequate airflow and that proper exhaust systems are installed.
  3. Ventilate your house well by opening doors and windows and running fans when you are painting, using staining products or doing other home improvement tasks.
  4. Have a service technician inspect your appliances annually to ensure these items are working properly.