Grilling fires

Don’t Get Burned By Poor Grilling Safety

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Though grilling is an extremely popular way to prepare food in the summer, it can also be dangerous. In fact, gas and charcoal grills account for thousands of fires on residential properties in Canada each year. This year, keep the following safety suggestions in mind when you fire up your grill:

  1. Make sure your grill is at least 1 metre (3 feet) away from other objects, including houses, trees and outdoor seating.
  2. Remember that starter fluid should only be used with charcoal grills and never with gas grills.
  3. If you suspect that your gas grill is leaking, turn off the gas and get the unit fixed before lighting it.
  4. Do not bring your grill into an unventilated or enclosed space, such as the garage or inside of your home.
  5. Do not let children and pets play near the grilling area until the grill is completely cool.
  6. If the fire in your gas barbecue goes out, turn off the gas, open the lid, let the gas leave the grill for 5 minutes and then re-light it.

Don’t Be Fooled

While you might consider yourself a pro when it comes to grilling, accidents can happen anytime and to anyone. Watch this news story:

Not only can grills start fires, they can also cause burns. Exercise caution as you flip foods on the grill to ensure that your hands and arms do not get burned.