Geothermal Energy – Is It Worth It?

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Geothermal Heating & Cooling

As fossil fuel costs continue to rise, alternative energy sources are required. Geothermal Heating & Cooling Systems reduce the heating and cooling operating cost of your household but the installation can be expensive. Watch the video below for an explanation of how it works:

Great for the Environment

The Geothermal System is an environmentalist’s dream come true. The system uses clean, free, renewable energy found just below the earth’s surface. The installation of the geothermal system is equivalent to taking two cars off the road forever or planting 750 trees. The system will also reduce your household’s carbon footprint since you will no longer be burning fossil fuels and emitting harmful greenhouse gases. Since the earth’s core temperature remains fairly consistent throughout all four seasons it makes it easy to extract heat in the winter and heat sink in the summer.

There are other alternative heating systems that do not use fossil fuels such as air exchangers / heat pumps but when the temperature gets below -10 degrees Celsius their efficiency diminishes. New technology is immersing that will handle up to -30 degrees Celsius, but the colder it gets the more it will rely on electricity to provide the required heat for the household.

How Installation Works

A Geothermal loop can either be installed vertically through a series of wells, horizontally underground, and in a lake or pond. With these installation methods, fluid runs through a closed system and the heat pump extracts the energy and then pumps heat into the house through either forced air or through a radiant system. In addition to the installation methods above, if you are in a location with plenty of clean well water, a system can be installed where you run high quantities of water through a furnace and then dispose of it into a drywell on the property. Each system varies in cost, but all installation methods are equally as efficient.

Geothermal has been said to be 500% efficient in its operations meaning that the homeowner will recognize $5 of heat for every $1 that is spend on electricity to power the system.

Saving You Money

Conventional heating systems powered through natural gas, oil, propane and electricity are said to be as much as 97% efficient. The installation of this system will reduce your heating, and cooling costs by approximately 70% per year. In addition to the heating and cooling of your house, the system has an added bonus of heating your households’ hot water.

Talk to Your Broker

If you decide to install the geothermal heating and cooling system in your home you should consult your insurance broker. As the popularity of geothermal increases, the insurance industry has started to accept them as approved heating systems for your home. You should consider contacting your insurance broker prior to the installation, just to make sure the geothermal will not compromise your home insurance.