For Your Members & Staff


More For Your Members & Staff

Since 1975 Mumby’s primary clients have been professional associations and companies that wanted to bring more value to their members/employees. Of course customer service is the name of the game, which is why close to 100% of our clients renew with us each year! Our personalized service, the right coverage, and our excellent claims support keep our clients satisfied long-term.

Bigger isn’t necessarily better. As a boutique-style brokerage, we are highly responsive, nimble, and are able to get things done in innovative ways. Your association members and staff will get superior service working with Mumby. We can say with confidence, “With Mumby, YOU get MORE!”

Comprehensive Preferred Plans

Few brokers or insurers offer as comprehensive a line up of insurance options as Mumby. We are a one-stop shop for your members and staff, therefore saving them time and providing more value. Mumby offers the most comprehensive insurance plans for design professionals.


It is important that your members and staff understand their own insurance needs. They should never over-buy insurance but they also need to be confident that they have the coverage that will truly protect them should they need it.

Mumby helps your members and staff make the most informed decisions. Our team of insurance professionals provides the best objective insurance education and advice in the industry.

Boutique Service

Our primary goal is to keep our clients satisfied over the long-term. While some brokers are focused on acquiring new clients, Mumby is focused on keeping our existing clients well taken care of. This is why our clients rarely leave – They appreciate the added service they get with Mumby.