Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

‚ÄčInsurance that Protects You - Completely

Traveling this year? Do you shop, attend sporting events, or concerts outside of Canada? Do you travel for pleasure or business?

For many Canadians, their provincial and/or employer Health Insurance Plan does not provide adequate coverage. We have plans available for just about every travel situation.

Why not give yourself peace of mind that if something happens to your or your family while traveling abroad, your medical needs will be taken care of?

Special Events

Click the button below, then agree to the disclaimer to get your online travel insurance quote. If you decide to proceed with coverage, please be sure to answer all of the questions correctly to ensure that your policy has accurate information.

And of course call us at 1-800-446-5745 if you need further assistance!

Testimonial from Michael Cameron

"Without asking, Mumby keeps our house and auto insurance up to date with the latest policy updates to keep us well protected. We are very comfortable with our insurance coverage, and very pleased with our premiums. We believe that we get very good value. We are also very pleased that we are living right, and have not had to make any claims. The best of both worlds."