Individual & Corporate Life Insurance

Individual & Corporate Life Insurance

​Secure and Comprehensive Coverage

Whether you are looking for term life, permanent life, or universal life, we can help. We have access to over 20 insurers’ life, accident and sickness, disability products.

Listen in with Douglas Pinnell here to find out about our Term Life Insurance offerings.

Do you have mortgage insurance purchased through a bank or trust company? Your coverage may not be as secure as you think. As reported on CBC’s Marketplace, the bank staff selling mortgage insurance are unlicensed and are rarely trained to explain the details and legalities of insurance products. As a result, consumers like you pay premiums and think they are covered, only to realize later that they are not.

Watch the eye-opening episode of CBC’s Marketplace to get a better understanding as to the type of protection you may really be paying for.

Testimonial from Bob Eshaghurshan

"Mumby Insurance has been abundant for providing insurance services. They provide us with the required insurance quote in timely fashion."

Unlike to coverage you may receive from your bank, Mumby provides mortgage insurance with the highest level of protection, security and convenience for YOU.

  • Your policy is owned and controlled by YOU.
  • Your policy can only be cancelled by YOU.
  • YOU name the beneficiary.
  • YOUR designated beneficiary controls the distribution of the insurance proceeds.
  • YOUR policy is fully portable whether you move or change mortgage carriers.
  • YOUR insurance coverage does not decrease over time.
  • YOU may choose to continue it after the mortgage is retired.
  • YOU have policy options such as disability waiver of premium.
  • YOU receive advice and personalized service from qualified Life Insurance Professionals.
  • YOUR medical history will be examined before your policy starts to ensure you qualify.