Group Benefits

Group Benefits: Health and Dental Benefits & Insurance in Ontario

​​Enjoy Excellent Employee Benefits in Ontario with our Mumby Association Plan for Your Business!

Whether you’re a firm of one or 101, you too can experience the unique advantages of our exclusive MAP (Mumby Association Plan)! See how your company can save up to 10-20% in group coverage rates – no matter how small your firm is. 

Mumby can secure you a great rate due to our group buying power – even if you are a firm of one!

Whether you have a small, large staff or multi-tiered organization, providing the appropriate benefits and incentives gives you an important advantage in acquiring and retaining employees.

A successful employee benefits program is your cornerstone to hiring and keeping quality people.


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The advantages of providing an employee benefit plan in Ontario:

It is a safety net for you, your employees and your respective families against the financial problems caused by unexpected health & dental expenses. The incentive of tax-free* health and dental coverage rather than paying these expenses with after tax dollars.

A tax deduction for you, the employer. Ease of administration, and a fixed budget for providing benefits versus the various costs of unforeseen health and dental expenses.*

*Some restrictions apply. Contact Us for details.

Can you afford not to have employee benefits?

You will be surprised by how little you pay. Today’s competitive market offers a wide choice of plan options. The price you pay is affected by the appropriate benefits you have selected and cost-sharing with employees.

A two tiered plan for owners/managers and staff can be developed. Premiums are 100% tax deductible* to the firm. Health and dental do not confer a taxable benefit to the employee. The cost of replacing a key employee, lost to a company offering benefits, could easily offset the cost of putting the right benefit plan in place.

Considering employee benefits like health and dental insurance in Ontario?

Let one of our Group Specialists provide you with a no obligation consultation. As an independent brokerage, we have the expertise to assist you in plan design and the resources to survey the market on your behalf. Working with you, we will strive to design a plan that meets your needs as well as budget.

So you already have a plan…

Let us review your current program and provide you with a no obligation proposal. We have access to preferred programs which you may not know about.

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