Engineers Insurance

CNIEA Insurance – A BluePrint for Your Peace of Mind™

In a world of disruption, chaos, and uncertainty, you deserve an expert who creates confidence.

​At Mumby, we aim to understand the unique needs of CNIEA members so that we can provide them with peace of mind according the following excellent service standards:

  • On-going professional development and education by your licensed insurance broker
  • Independence as a professional insurance broker, not owned by an insurance or a bank
  • Careful selection of insurance carriers by Mumby’s Executive
  • The insurers we work with are financially stable, provide superior products, and offer excellent claims service
  • Our insurers are committed to the insurance needs of Canadians
  • Advocacy for you when you need to report a claim

Are You Making this Big Mistake?

Too many CNIEA members are making a big mistake with their business insurance and they don't even realize it's happening! Watch our video here to find out more.

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The Exclusive Savings for You

Many CNIEA members make a huge mistake when it comes to their insurance...they simply renew their existing insurance without investigating the CNIEA program without realizing that their membership with CNIEA entitles then to many insurance savings and coverage benefits.

It would be like taking your Mercedes to be serviced at a Kia dealership. You would never do that! You would take your car to be cared for by a luxury car expert.

The same should be true for you. Many CNIEA members are paying for insurance that doesn’t actually meet their needs because they aren't dealing with CNIEA insurance experts.

Could that be you?

At Mumby, we specialize in protecting CNIEA members. We’ve been doing it for over 5 years and as a result, our group home and auto insurance can save you up to 60%. Plus, you may be eligible for additional discounts such as mature driver, multi-policy, home alarm system, conviction-free, and more.

Work with the Engineer Insurance Experts

You've now seen just a few of the benefits you will receive when you work with Mumby. We are the CNIEA insurance experts, and that's why we can get you the best coverage, with the best service, at the best price.