Road Rage

Do You Suffer From Road Rage?

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Here’s a humorous little quiz to rate your potential for Road Rage. Yes, it’s just for fun but you might notice something about your own potential for Road Rage based on your answers!

Take the Quiz…

I find driving to be:

a) fun and relaxing

b) relaxing when I’m alone on the road, but nerve wracking in city traffic

c) challenging, but dangerous

d) a good place where I can really let loose and express myself

e) a place where I show the rest of the world what a bunch of incompetents they are


My driving skills are:

a) good

b) great

c) better than most on the road

d) superior

e) I am the best; no one comes closeto my skill


You are driving down the road going your usual speed when you spot a woman putting on her makeup. Do you:

a) laugh and continue on your way.

b) drive by and give her a dirty look

c) speed past her and yell “Forget it; It won’t help”

d) speed past give her the finger, yell obscenities

e) same as ‘d’ but also cut in front of her and slam on the brakes

Road Rage Is No Joke

We often joke about Road Rage, but it is a serious problem. Road Rage can result in collisions, assault, altercations, injuries and even death. The video below captures just a few examples of how dangerous road rage can become:

If people drive responsibly, they can help make our roads safer from road rage. Here are a few tips to help you combat the signs of road rage…

  • Leave your problems at home or at work… don’t let them consume you while you’re driving.
  • Plan your route ahead of time so there is little frustration with directions.
  • Make several stops to re-focus on long drives.
  • Be courteous in busy intersections.
  • Don’t get mad or retaliate towards other driver’s mistakes.

Be safe out there…and remember, if you think you’re being followed, don’t drive home – go to the nearest Police station or busy public place.