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I'm Worried About You...

You see, my client Harry (not his real name) is a small business owner. For years, he constantly ran “what if” scenarios through his head...

What happens if I come down with a serious illness or major injury? How would my business continue to operate? Would my business even survive? And what would my family do without my regular income?

Maybe you've asked yourself similar questions too?

Harry took action and decided to purchase a critical illness insurance policy as a precaution. “I’ll never need it,” he told himself.

Harry wasn’t overly concerned when he discovered a lump in his neck, but his doctor decided to order a biopsy to test for cancer. To Harry’s shock and dismay, the test came back positive for lymphoma.

Because he had critical illness insurance, Harry was awarded a large lump sum to help cover expenses, including those related to keeping his business afloat, while he was going through treatment.


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Hi, I'm Douglas Pinnell, Insurance Consultant, author, guest speaker, and Vice President at Mumby Insurance. I am the expert when it comes to Critical Illness Insurance and I'd love to help you look at some options that best meet your needs.

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What Does Critical Illness Insurance Offer You?

​Let’s face it; no one wants to think about getting sick but the reality is that one in 2.63 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer, have a heart attack or stroke this year. The odds are not good, and in my opinion not worth the gamble!

Critical illness insurance doesn’t replace an individual’s provincial medical insurance—it simply adds an extra level of financial protection in the event that you are diagnosed with a critical illness. And since the money is paid directly to you, you’ll be able to spend it on whatever you decide is the biggest need—rent or mortgage payments, out of the country treatment, medical equipment, private nursing, bills, etc.

Back to our opening story about Harry...

“We went through all sorts of scenarios,” said Harry. “Should we sell the business? Should we partner up? Does the existing staff have the ability to carry on? These are big pressures, but this insurance takes some of that pressure off.”

It wasn’t always easy, but today Harry is both a cancer survivor and the owner of a thriving business— thanks, in part, to his fortuitous decision to purchase critical illness insurance. “I can’t imagine what it would have been like not to have it.”

Mumby Offers The Most Comprehensive Critical Illness Insurance...

Whether you're looking for term life, permanent life, or universal life – we can help. We have access to over 20 insurers including insurance for critical illness.

Critical illness is an unfortunate and often unexpected event in life. That is precisely why it is important to consider your protection before you ever need it. Let us help you understand all of your options and make an informed decision regarding your protection.