Choosing A Driving School: Get Quality Driver’s Training For Your Teen

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Young drivers hoping to reduce their G1 licensing time and qualify for insurance discounts must enroll in a driving school approved by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) that offers an approved Beginner Driver Education course.

The key phrase here is “approved by the MTO” – There are many driving schools out there that are not approved and simply do not offer driver training courses that are valuable to new drivers.

Choosing a Good Driver’s Training Program

An MTO-approved Beginner Driver Education course is a course that is delivered through approved private driving schools. Successful completion of such a course entitles the graduate to a four-month reduction in the 12-month minimum G1 licensing period and potential reductions in their automobile insurance premiums.

If you are considering beginner driver education, make sure the course offers the following:

  • An MTO-approved Beginner Driver Education Certificate displaying the logos of MTO, OSL and IBC.
  • An interim Beginner Driver Education Certificate (bearing the Ontario coat of arms)
  • A Ministry of Transportation/Ministry of Education and Training certificate.

The goal of completing a driver’s training program should be more than just being entitled to auto insurance reductions. Driver’s training is intended to prepare new drivers to be safe drivers when they get out on the road.

Don’t settle for a driver’s training course simply because it’s offered at the best price. Do your homework to ensure it’s approved by the MTO, has a god track record (ask for references!), and will provide the type of service necessary to prepare a new driver for the road.

And, be sure not to choose a driver’s training school that instructs like this!