home improvements

How to Avoid Scams when Doing Home Improvements

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Remodels and other home improvements are an important part of being a property owner. When done correctly, these projects can add value to a home and make it more attractive to future buyers. Unfortunately, hiring a contractor to complete home improvement projects is not always simple. The average homeowner is often unaware of the average cost of materials and labour. …

Condo Insurance

Are You Covered By Your Condo Corporation’s Insurance?

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The proper insurance is critical for those that own or are looking to own a condominium (sometimes referred to as a strata). However, understanding how condo coverage works is not always a straightforward process. To protect their investment, condo owners must purchase coverage (also known as condo or unit owner insurance) that works in conjunction with a condo association or …


8 Steps for Controlling Windstorm Damage

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Homeowners can suffer a tremendous amount of damage from windstorms and hurricanes. Before a storm hits, homeowners can reduce their exposure to these losses by protecting their roof, windows, entry doors and garage doors. And while other parts of the world may be more likely hit by hurricanes and tornados, we’re not immune to them in Canada. Just take a …

home theft

6 Simple Steps to Protect Your Home From Thieves

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Although you may see your home as a safe place for your family and possessions, the truth is that thefts can happen in any neighbourhood. It’s possible for an experienced thief to enter any home, but you can help safeguard yourself by taking the following steps. 6 Steps to Deter Theft From Your Home Keep all of your doors and …

first time home buyers

Dos and Don’ts for First-time Homebuyers

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Purchasing your first home is an exciting milestone. However, home buying is no simple task, and many first-time purchasers fall into common, sometimes costly, traps. So, before you start searching for your dream home, keep in mind the following dos and don’ts: DO Get pre-approved. When shopping for a home, it’s important to know what kind of credit you have …

Does your home insurance cover all your valuables?

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Insuring Your Valuables Do you ever dream about luxurious possessions? Maybe some items like these: Even though most of us will never own these types of rare and expensive items, they do inspire a sense of interest and intreague. However, whether you have a few pieces of precious jewellery or a significant collection of coins, stamps, or art, your treasured …

When Do You Need To Insure Your New Home?

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When Do I Insure My New Home? Are you planning to build your dream home soon or thinking about adding an addition to your present family dwelling? If you are planning any major renovations you will be required to insure for the full replacement value of the project. This may take the form of an endorsement or “course of construction” …


6 Life Events That Affect Your Insurance

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Insurance needs change over time. In order to ensure adequate coverage and to receive possible discounts, contact us immediately if you’re affected by any of the following life events. New teenage drivers. Consider adding your teenage driver to your policy as it is generally cheaper than purchasing a separate policy. Changed commute. If you’re no longer commuting to and from work, …


How to Take Care of Your Jewellery

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Like any significant investment, you must make an effort to care for the gems and jewels in your collection. They will require cleaning and care on a regular basis to ensure that they sparkle and shine long after you pass them on to your children and grandchildren. Basic Jewellery Care To ensure that your jewellery has a long and sparkling life, …