winter hydro bills

Strategies for reducing your winter hydro bills

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When outdoors temperatures are consistently cold, one of the most costly consequences is the increased energy it takes to maintain a comfortable home. Though it may be tempting to simply lower the temperature on a thermostat and bear the chilly repercussions, there are several ways to reduce your hydro bill while staying warm and cozy. Consider the following ways to …

contractor insurance

Renovation Tip: Verify Your Contractor’s Insurance

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When taking on a home repair or improvement, you may hire a contractor to ensure the work gets done right. However, during a project of any size, accidents can occur, potentially leading to worker injuries or property damage. What’s more, if that contractor isn’t carrying the proper insurance coverage, you may have to pay thousands of dollars to remedy the …

Family Vacation

10 Steps to Keep Your Home Safe While You’re On Vacation

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When preparing to leave for a vacation, it’s easy to overlook basic home safety precautions. To protect your residence while you’re away and enjoy a worry-free trip, keep in mind the following tips. Preparing For Vacation There are a number of hazards that could affect your home while you’re away, including lightning, theft and flooding. In order to keep your …

Drone Insurance

Do You Need Drone Insurance?

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Drones have become incredibly popular in the in the past few years. With high-end options such as camera and video recording equipment, the use of drones has exploded for hobbyists and photographers and has become a heavily gifted item for special occasions, or just for fun. The cost of a drone can range anywhere from $40 to over $2000, so …

Is Your Cottage Insurance Keeping Up With Your Renovations?

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It wasn’t so long ago that families enjoyed summer living at their rustic cabins and cottages. Wood frame dwellings with screen doors that usually didn’t keep the mosquitoes out. Reading books by lantern because there wasn’t electricity. Meals cooked over campfires followed by an evening of songs around that same campfire. Today when people plan a weekend or vacation at …

Airbnb Rentals: Are You Covered Under Your Existing Home Insurance Policy?

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Airbnb may seem like an opportune way for homeowners to make some extra cash, but one homeowner is warning others about potential insurance pitfalls that come with leasing out your place for a low price. After reading about Dany Papineau, who claims to have made a fortune through Airbnb, John Kidder contacted the CBC to say he cancelled his own listing when he …

Overland Flood Insurance

What Is Overland Flood Insurance and Do You Need It?

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Just a few centimetres of water from flooding can cause costly damage to your home. When this occurs, standard home insurance policies often fail to provide adequate protection, making dedicated protection a must. Understanding what is and what is not considered flooding from an insurance perspective is critical. In general, flood damage occurs when a large amount of water flows …

filing insurance claim

3 Important Tips for Filing an Insurance Claim

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Accidents and natural disasters can strike without warning, causing costly damage to your home, vehicles and personal belongings. When this happens, you will have to file an insurance claim in order for your policy to kick in and recoup your losses. 3 Tips for Filing an Insurance Claim In order to get the most out of the claims process, consider …

sewer backup prevention

5 Steps to Prevent Sewer Backup

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Did You Know? Some of the costliest homeowners’ insurance claims are from sewer and water backup mishaps. The most common cause of a backup in your sewer lateral (the pipe that runs from your city’s sanitary sewer main to your home) is from items the line is not meant to handle. 5 Sewer Backup Prevention Tips There are a few …