Creative Life Insurance – Fund A Buy/Sell Agreement

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Getting Creative With Your Life Insurance Most often, life insurance is used as a safety net to cover funeral costs, outstanding debts, and the everyday living expenses of surviving family. As we age, however, many of these obligations are greatly reduced or eliminated. This opens up other options for use of your life insurance payout. Here are just two ideas. …

Life Insurance Premiums

How Your Life Insurance Premiums Are Calculated

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Calculating Life Insurance Premiums When applying for life insurance, the insurer will determine your health status based on your age, gender and overall health. Since women statistically live longer than men, their premiums are lower. Plus, younger people have lower premiums because they typically have a longer period of time to pay their premiums and tend to have less health …

Term Life Insurance vs Mortgage Insurance

Comparing Term Life Insurance vs. Mortgage Insurance

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When it comes to thinking about the security you’re providing for your loved ones, you may consider different types of insurance. The following chart is a comparison between term life insurance and mortgage insurance, purchased through a bank or lending company. Which one sounds like a better investment to you? Term Life Insurance vs. Mortgage Insurance Individual Life Insurance You …