How Healthy Is Your Family

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Family Health Assessment and Action Plan Teaching your children healthy behaviours can be challenging, and it takes the effort of the entire family to help your children maintain a healthy lifestyle. This assessment can help you gauge where you stand now, and the action plan will help your family move toward healthier habits. Assessment Healthy Eating How many fruits/vegetables do …

family violence

New Report Sheds Light on Family Violence

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According to a new report by Canada’s chief public health officer, more than 230 Canadians are victims of family violence every day. Dr. Gregory Taylor’s 2016 report on the state of public health shed some light on family violence, which increases the risk for a number of conditions that include anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, high blood pressure, cancer and …

Baby Proof Kitchen

How to Baby-proof Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is a part of the home where families tend to spend a great deal of their time. It also full of temptations for small children—many that can be dangerous. Just watch this: The best way to make sure your young child is safe in the kitchen is to provide adequate supervision. The following 6 tips can help keep …


Newlyweds: Here’s Your Post-Wedding Checklist

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If you’re planning a wedding, don’t forget to plan for your new life with your partner after the wedding. You’ll need to make sure that your driver’s licence and financial accounts reflect your newly-married status. If you decide to change your surname, it is your responsibility to change your name with all relevant government departments and brokerages. The following will …

poppy field

Take a minute to remember…

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On this Remembrance Day, I thought I’d share a song with you. The chorus carries an important reminder for us today…   We all live such hectic lives these days, As we rush around and round, forgetting its poppy day, and if we should forget those so still in the ground…   So take a minute of your life to …


5 Ways to Avoid Spreading Illness

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With the changing weather, the potential for contracting a cold or the flu increases substantially. The flu is an infection of the nose, throat and lungs caused by the influenza virus—with symptoms like fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue, loss of appetite, and a runny or stuffy nose. While the common cold and the seasonal flu share many of the same …

Tennis Elbow

What Is Tennis Elbow and How Can You Prevent It?

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Lateral epicondylitis, commonly referred to as “tennis elbow,” is a disorder characterized by inflammation of the tendons in and around the upper arm bone. Common signs of tennis elbow include sharp pain when: Straightening the elbow Straightening the wrist with resistance Straightening the fingers with resistance Tennis elbow is extremely painful and is common among workers who grip, twist, reach …


Are E-cigarettes Really Safer Than Traditional Cigarettes?

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Emerging in the early 2000s, electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are battery-powered devices meant to replicate the sensation of smoking cigarettes and cigars. Because e-cigarettes can be sold with or without nicotine, they are popular among those attempting to limit or cease tobacco use. While e-cigarettes are commonly believed to be a safer alternative to regular cigarettes, little is known about …