KRACK Attack: Is Your Wi-Fi Safe From This New Vulnerability?

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Recently, Mathy Vanhoef, a researcher from a Belgium university, discovered a security flaw in Wi-Fi Protected Access II (WPA2)—a protocol that secures almost all modern, protected Wi-Fi networks. Through this newfound vulnerability, hackers can potentially gain access to encrypted information using what is called a key reinstallation attack (KRACK). What is KRACK? Any organization or individual that utilizes Wi-Fi is …

House Fire

Prepare for a House Fire: Your Comprehensive Action Plan

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Each week about seven people die from home fires in Canada. To protect yourself, it is important to understand the basics about house fires. Fire spreads quickly; there is no time to gather valuables or make a phone call. In just two minutes, a fire can become life-threatening. In five minutes, a residence can be engulfed in flames. Heat and …


Are You Prepared for a Flood?

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Flash floods can occur within minutes of excessive rainfall, a dam or levee failure, or a sudden release of water held by an ice jam. Overland flooding, the most common type of flooding event, typically occurs when waterways, such as rivers or streams, overflow their banks as a result of rainwater or a possible levee breach and cause flooding in …

natural disaster

6 Steps to Prepare Your Household for a Natural Disaster

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Homeowners throughout Canada face a variety of natural hazards, including earthquakes, floods and wildfires. If you are unprepared for one of these disasters, you and your family could be left without food, electricity or even shelter. To prepare your household for a disaster, consider the following tips: Know the risks. Depending on where you live, your home could be impacted …

snapmap dangers

The Dangers of Snapchat’s New “Snap Map”

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  Snapchat is one of the top five social media platforms among young people, with approximately 150 million daily active users. While Snapchat is designed to be a fun photo, video and text messaging app, a number of features—particularly the Snap Map function—pose serious safety concerns. What is Snap Map? Introduced in a June 2017 update, Snap Map allows users …

Bike Commuter

7 Safety Tips for Summer Bike Commuters

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As the weather begins to warm up, more and more commuters may consider biking to work. Biking to work is not only a great source of exercise, but it can reduce a commuter’s carbon footprint and help him or her save big on gas. In fact, according to the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), the average Canadian spends over $10,000 a …


Phishing Scam: The Attack We Witnessed at Our Office

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With the constant news stories about computer hacking, online security breaches, and cyber security issues in general, you’ve no doubt heard the term, “Phishing.” If not, here’s a quick definition…“Phishing,” a type of cyber attack in which a hacker disguises him- or herself as a trusted source online in order to acquire sensitive information, is a common and technologically simple scam …

How to Stay Healthy into Your Senior Years

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Staying Healthy for Life: Tips for Seniors You can have a positive influence on how you think, feel and act when you are older simply by changing how you think, feel and act now. Staying healthy, fit, active and happy are the keys to aging gracefully. This commercial give an interesting and vivid perspective on how our actions can influence …

Stolen password

The 25 Most Often Stolen Passwords: Is Yours One of Them?

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How clever is your password? If it’s on the list below, your password is just as easily stolen as it is remembered. How to Create a More Secure Password To create a more secure password, make sure you are not relying only on numbers or letters – use a mix of both. Also, try to avoid simple keyboard patterns like …

Internet of Things

“The Internet of Things” Becomes a $1 Trillion Dollar Industry?

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Today, there are more digitally connected devices than there are people on the planet. These immense networks are capable of supporting an array of applications—from the mundane to the sophisticated—and can help propel economic opportunities. This vast interconnected system of devices, vehicles and even buildings are all part of the Internet of Things (IoT)—and more and more businesses are investing …