Lowering Your Hydro Bill This Summer

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Don’t lose your cool as the temperature heats up. According to experts, residential electricity sales are expected to increase by 3 per cent this summer because more people are working from home and social distancing. Consider the following tips to save energy and keep energy costs down: Seal any cracks and openings. Warm air may leak into your home around …

Do You Need Home Business Insurance?

Anthea Home Business Insurance

Home-Based Business Insurance If you’re working at home – STOP – and review your insurance coverage.Your homeowners insurance probably doesn’t cover your existing business. A typical homeowners policy provides between $2,000 and $5,000 coverage for business equipment while in your home. Usually this isn’t enough to cover all of the business property. In addition, you will likely need coverage for …

Home-Based Business Insurance: What You Need To Consider

Anthea Home Business Insurance

While most homeowners insurance policies cover a limited amount of business equipment—such as computers, copiers and printers— it’s likely that what you own is worth more than your policy’s limits. Also, your homeowners liability insurance probably won’t cover any injuries that employees or clients who are on your premises may suffer. What’s a home-based businessperson to do? Home-Based Business Insurance …