special event

Insights on Special Event Insurance

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Hosting events such as concerts, festivals, conferences, trade shows, sporting events and celebrations subjects a business to a variety of liabilities and business risks that must be considered to avoid costly litigation or other losses when something goes amiss. Appropriate coverages for events include Property Insurance, General Liability Insurance, Employer’s Liability Insurance and Cancellation Insurance. Property Insurance A Property Insurance …

life insurance

Understanding Life Insurance Terms

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Like many industries, the world of insurance has its own unique set of vocabulary to describe its products. To help you understand the information included in a life insurance policy, we’ve gathered some basics. Note that these definitions are for informational purposes only. These terms are not intended to be exhaustive and should not be construed as advice regarding coverage. …

Insurance Coverage You Need For Your Snowmobile

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It’s Time to Hit the Powder! Snowmobiles can present many hazards to drivers, passengers, other motorists and property. Before the temperatures cool and you get eager to hop on your snowmobile, learn more about how you can insure your vehicle and protect yourself and others. Some of you daredevils out there may even be doing tricks like this: Coverage Basics …

How You Benefit From Working With An Independent Insurance Broker

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We’re proud to be independent insurance brokers. Each and every day we act as professional insurance advisors to serve all of your insurance needs. Our dedicated employees are continually trained through the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) and other approved programs and courses. Qualified Your independent broker is educated, trained and licensed to sell insurance and provide insurance advice. …

Insurance Lingo

Understanding Insurance Lingo: Your Simple Reference Guide

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Finding the right insurance can be confusing enough, never mind having to decipher all of the jargon often used by insurance providers. That’s why we’ve posted this helpful guide that explains the most common terms you’ll come across. Knowing the lingo can help you ask the right questions before you make any important decisions about your insurance. If you still …


Why You Should Review Your Insurance Policy

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Did you know that a simple review of your policy can save you money? Time and time again you will have received your renewal and seen the rates increase, but your pay may not have. This can be tough and we understand, as we are insurance consumers as well as advisers for you. What you should ask yourself is, “Am …

Why Are My Insurance Premiums So High?

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This question seems to come up each year and around the same time…at renewal! The goal of this article is to assist you in having a better understanding of what goes into determining premiums for personal lines policies, like automobile and property risks. Because there are different factors between automobile and property, let’s break this topic into two sections. 1. …

Congratulations! You’re a Volunteer! Just Be Sure to Know Your Liability

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Are You A Volunteer? Many of us get involved with community organizations 
and volunteer our time and energy for the good that is done.This can be an extremely positive experience. But have you considered your exposure to personal liability when you volunteer? Volunteers involved with fundraising, whether for organized charities, minor league sports teams, or special causes such as helping …

You’re Not Covered! Will Your Insurance Pay Out?

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You’re planning a sunny vacation down south to escape the cold Canadian winter temperatures. You have everything planned out: Your flights are booked, your accommodations are set, and you purchased your travel insurance for safety and peace of mind. But, little do you know, that insurance policy you just purchased might not pay out if you actually need to use …