Have You Heard About the CyberSecure Canada Certification Program?

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The Canadian government recently announced the CyberSecure Canada Certification Program. This program was designed “to raise the cyber security baseline among Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), increase consumer confidence in the digital economy, promote international standardization and better position SMEs to compete globally.” Organizations that choose to obtain this voluntary certification will need to implement security controls designed to …

Facebook hacking

Facebook Security Breach Affects Nearly 50 Million Accounts

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On Sept. 28, 2018, Facebook announced that nearly 50 million user accounts were compromised in a data breach. The breach, which can be traced back to July 2017, is one of the largest in the company’s 14-year history. While investigations are ongoing, the company said hackers exploited a software vulnerability in Facebook’s “View As” feature to steal access tokens and …

cyber safety traveling

5 Cyber Safety Tips for Business Travelers

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Whenever an employee travels for business, it’s likely that cyber security is one of the last things they’re thinking about. However, cyber security is not only important in the home and office, but on the road as well. Business travellers are particularly vulnerable, as they often carry multiple devices (e.g., smartphones, laptops and tablets) that all store sensitive data—both personal …

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Liability Insurance In Action [True Stories]

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As technology becomes increasingly important for successful business operations, the value of a strong cyber liability insurance policy continues to grow. The continued rise in the amount of information stored and transferred electronically has resulted in a remarkable increase in the potential exposures facing businesses. In an age where a stolen laptop or data breach can instantly compromise the personal …

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The Overlooked Physical Losses of a Cyber Attack

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More than ever before, organizations are aware of the potential financial impact of a cyber attack. Many wrongfully assume that the steep, monetary burden of a cyber attack is exclusively tied to damaged digital assets, lost records, and the price of investigating and reporting a breach. While those expenses represent a considerable hit, damage to an organization’s physical assets can …

Meltdown Spectre

Warning: Critical Cyber Exploits Affect Nearly All Computers

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Cyber security researchers recently announced the discovery of two major security flaws that could allow hackers to bypass regular security measures and obtain normally inaccessible data. The flaws, referred to as Meltdown and Spectre, are both caused by design flaws found in nearly all modern processors. These vulnerabilities can be exploited to access all of the data found in personal …

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The 5 Biggest Cyber Security Disasters of 2017

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Like 2016 before it, 2017 was not without its share of cyber security incidents—incidents that impacted companies of all sizes and affected multiple industries. The following are some of the biggest cyber security disasters of 2017. Which ones affected you? 1. WannaCry Using a tool that was allegedly stolen from the U.S. National Security Agency, cyber criminals exploited a flaw …

secure password

[Updated] The 25 Most Commonly Stolen Passwords

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How secure is your password? If it’s on the list below, your password is just as easily stolen as it is remembered. Protect yourself by making sure you’re not using one of the top 25 most commonly stolen passwords, as determined by IT security firm SplashData. (Updated in January 2018) 123456 password 12345678 qwerty 12345 123456789 letmein 1234567 football iloveyou …

Data Breach

3 Steps for Responding Quickly to a Data Breach

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No company, large or small, is immune to a data breach. A data breach is any incident where personal identifiable information (PII) is stolen by an unauthorized individual. Examples of PII include, but are not limited to, credit card information, biometric records, payroll information, medical records and addresses. When a data breach occurs, it’s important for organizations to act quickly …

Equifax Data Breach

Are You Impacted by the Equifax Data Breach?

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Equifax, one of the largest credit reporting agencies in the United States, was recently the victim of a massive cyber attack—an attack that may have compromised the personal information of 143 million people. Impacted individuals were not simply limited to the United States either, as the hackers gained unauthorized access to personal information of certain Canadian and U.K. residents. Initial …