Four Concerning Cyber Threats to Watch in 2019

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As large-scale cyber attacks continue to make headlines on a regular basis, many businesses have started to realize the importance of safeguarding their systems and data. However, hackers will keep exploiting cyber defense trends and new technology to steal valuable information and cause chaos. Staying aware of developments in cyber security can help your business prepare an effective response plan. …


Top Strategies for Winter Weather Preparedness

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Too often, organizations overlook the potential danger of winter weather. Not only can snow and ice create slipping and other hazards for your employees, but they can lead to major property damage as well. In order to properly prepare for the winter season, organizations must take a proactive approach to managing severe weather risks. The following are some great tips …

Architect Insurance Certificates

Architect Insurance: Why Do Architects Need Insurance Certificates?

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If you own your own architectural firm or have entered into a bidding process on behalf of the firm you work for, chances are good that you have been asked to provide or obtain an insurance certificate. An insurance certificate should be required from people and organizations that you enter into agreements with or who supply products and services to …

Private Company D&O Insurance

True Stories: Private Company D&O Insurance

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With today’s emphasis on corporate transparency and accountability, an organization’s directors and officers face a countless number of exposures. Regardless of your company’s size or mission, the legal costs associated with a lawsuit can be devastating for both the organization and your directors and officers. Many wrongly assume that directors and officers (D&O) insurance is only necessary for publicly traded …

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

True Stories: Employment Practices Liability Insurance

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From hiring new workers to assigning duties, each of your decisions affects employees in a unique way. Although these actions are critical to running your business, they also create exposures that could lead to costly claims by employees or governmental regulators. Even if they are not warranted, claims for wrongful employment practices can disrupt operations, damage your business’s reputation, hurt …

GDPR Canada

What the GDPR Means for Canadian Businesses

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With the severity of cyber attacks increasing on what seems like a daily basis, governments are now stepping in to provide guidance and keep the general public both safe and informed. In Canada, the Digital Privacy Act (DPA), which amends the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), is the federal law that dictates how organizations respond to and …

cannabis act

Canada’s Cannabis Act: How Employers Should Respond

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In the near future, the use of cannabis for recreational (non-medical) purposes will be legal across Canada. The legalization of marijuana not only affects the general public, but it will also have a sweeping influence on how employers manage their workforce. As such, it’s crucial that employers adopt clear policies on the use of drugs and alcohol to prevent workplace accidents, …

Legal Risks

Top Legal Risks for Canadian Businesses in 2018

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As the economy becomes increasingly complex and unpredictable, businesses continue to face serious legal risks. According to a report from Borden Ladner Gervais, Top 10 Legal Risks for Business in 2018, this year is no exception. Top Legal Risks for Businesses in 2018 The following are a few risks highlighted in the report that organizations should be aware of: 1. Cyber …

Workplaece fire

6 Tips to Prevent Workplace Fires

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Fires are a serious risk for businesses of all types and can lead to costly damage or loss of life. While it’s up to employers to implement general workplace practices to reduce these risks, there are a number of precautions employees can take in order to prevent fires. 6 Tips to Prevent Workplace Fires To prevent fires in the workplace, …