telecommuting for a career

Considerations for Offering Telecommuting as a Scheduling Option

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Telecommuting offers organizations the opportunity to reduce commuting costs, promote improved work-life balance and increase the pool of qualified job candidates. Many employers are offering telecommuting—the ability to work remotely from home or another location—as a way to reduce commuting costs, promote work-life balance and increase the pool of qualified job candidates. This trend emerged in the 1990s as personal …


IQ or EQ: What’s More Valuable to Your Company?

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EQ, or Emotional Intelligence, is fast becoming recognized as a valuable asset in a work context. For those in leadership positions, it may also assist with managing employees. The smartest person is usually considered the best person for a job, especially when it comes to leadership. However, HR experts argue that traditional intelligence (book smarts) may not be as important …


How Can my Employees Work Safely in Cold Temperatures?

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Outdoor work in cold temperatures can put your employees at risk. Here’s what you need to know. Employees that work outside in the winter months are at risk of serious health problems, including hypothermia, frostbite, dehydration and muscle injuries. What’s more, frigid temperatures can also cause additional pain for those who suffer from arthritis and rheumatism. Common symptoms of cold-related …

Employee turnover

How to Prevent Employee Turnover In Your Business

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Though employers may make assumptions as to why employees leave the company, many organizations do not truly investigate or understand why some of their best employees choose to work for other companies. In fact, most workers leave their jobs because of miscommunications about expectations, broken promises or excessive workloads. To prevent turnover, you must first determine your current turnover rate. …

Canada Business

5 Positive Signs for Canadian Businesses: Bank of Canada Report

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According to the Bank of Canada’s latest business outlook survey, Canadian companies are optimistic about the future. In fact, the survey found that firms were planning to boost their investments and hire more workers. This finding comes after the country added 79,000 jobs in December 2017, pushing the jobless rate to its lowest level since 1976. Positive Outlook for Canadian …

mental health

Will You Make Mental Health a Priority at Your Business?

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Globally, more than 300 million people suffer from depression. Depression is a leading cause of disability—one that can have a negative impact on employee morale and productivity. While mental health has received a lot more attention in recent years, it still isn’t widely understood by many employers or employees who haven’t experienced mental health issues themselves. Here’s just one story …

Advertising ROI

Is Your Advertising Working? [4 Steps to Make Sure It Is]

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In order for your organization to get the most out of its advertising efforts, it’s important to gather solid data. However, there’s no one, universally used method for measuring the effectiveness of advertising. Moreover, the advertising process can differ depending on your organization, industry and types of marketing strategies you employ. That’s why it’s important to follow these steps for …

CASL changes

Government Suspends Private Right of Action Provisions of CASL

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In response to concerns raised by businesses, charities and non-profits, the Government of Canada recently suspended the private right of action (PRA) provisions of Canada’s Anti-spam Legislation (CASL). PRA was scheduled to come into force July 1, 2017, and would have allowed lawsuits to be filed against organizations, as well as their officers, directors and agents, by anyone who felt …

Hire an Intern

Are You Hiring an Intern? Follow These 4 Tips

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For businesses large or small, internship programs can have many benefits. First, there are major savings involved when you compare the cost of hiring full-time employees. Second, internships provide great opportunities to young, local talent, allowing organizations to give back to their communities. Want to see how hiring an intern could help your business? Consider this: While starting an internship …