Talking and Driving

Why Talking On Your Cell Phone While Driving Is Dangerous

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Everyone likes to talk. Most people enjoy driving. But when these two activities are combined, trouble can arise. It’s clear that talking on a cell phone while driving rarely makes anyone a better driver. It’s true that having a cell phone can be a lifesaver in the event of an emergency. However, talking and driving at the same time can …

Car Rental Insurance

Should I Buy Car Rental Insurance?

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Whenever you rent a car for business or pleasure, you are offered some form of insurance coverage by the rental company. Sometimes this coverage is adequate and fairly priced, other times it is not. If after reading the fine print (including exclusions, limitations and restrictions), you find the terms unacceptable, you could try another rental car company… or, we can …

Car Electronics

Are Car Electronics Covered by Auto Insurance?

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How many times have you been sitting at an intersection waiting for the light to change when a car pulls up next to you with a stereo on so loud you can FEEL it? Look closely and you might even find “Brand Name” decals on the windows advertising the manufacturer of the powerful stereo. From an insurance perspective, these decals …

nighttime driving safety

Driving After Dark Safety: 10 Tips You Should Follow

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Did you know that your depth perception, peripheral vision and ability to differentiate colours are significantly reduced in low-light conditions? Add to that the tendency to be more tired at night, and it’s easy to see why night driving is such a challenge for so many of us. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t venture out after dark. Simply follow these …

Electric Scooter Insurance

Do Motorized Scooters Need Additional Insurance?

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Two-wheel scooters (aka “kick scooters”) are all the rage these days and it seems every kid on the block has one or wants one. But, did you know that there’s a new type of scooter available? It has a motor and it’s not just for children! These electric scooters may be fun for your children, or may be a convenient way for …

car trailer insurance

How Do I Insure My Trailer?

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We’re often asked if a trailer should be covered under an auto policy or a property policy? The answer may surprise you. Personal use trailers, like utility trailers, camper trailers and cabin trailers actually require the combined coverage of both your auto and property policies. Understanding Trailer Coverage This isn’t as strange as it first sounds. Whenever your trailer is being towed, …

Emergency Vehicles

Rules For Approaching Stopped Emergency Vehicles

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If you see an emergency vehicle (police car, ambulance, or fire vehicle) stopped with its red lights flashing on your side of the road or highway, you must slow down and pass with caution. Fines and Penalties If the road has two or more lanes, you now must move over into another lane, if it can be done safely. Failing …

Who Pays For Lost Income After An Auto Accident?

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Every day on average, there are over 600 automobile accidents in Ontario. If you are injured in one and cannot work, your auto policy provides an income replacement benefit to partially replace the income you have lost. The policy will pay 80% of your net income based on your pre-accident employment earnings. Net income is essentially your take home pay …

Guide to Buying a Used Car

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In the market for a new set of wheels, or, new to you, that is? If so, tread lightly because buyers can be taken for a ride if they are not careful. To avoid purchasing a car with hidden problems, consider the following buying precautions: Buyer Beware Excessive wear and tear in the interior, regardless of what the odometer says, …