Gas Pump Skimmer

Beware of Fuel Pump Skimmers

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Paying for gas with a credit or debit card is quick and convenient. However, when doing so, you could unknowingly be giving your payment card information to scammers through a process called skimming. What is a Skimmer? A skimmer is a malicious card reader that is designed to pull data off the magnetic strips of payment cards. Typically, criminals secretly …


3 Keys for Using and Maintaining Automobile Headlights

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Your vehicle’s headlights are an essential part of staying aware of your surroundings on the road. Bright, well-maintained headlights can be the difference between seeing a pedestrian and a fatal crash. Unfortunately, many drivers don’t use or maintain their headlights properly. 3 Keys for Safe Headlight Use Here are 3 simple steps every driver should follow to ensure they are …

Maintaining The Value of Your Classic Car

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Collectors of antique, classic and special interest cars know they are special! It’s safe to say that the unique admiration for their cars reflects their sense of pride, history, beauty and sheer joy of driving and showcasing these magnificent vehicles. This dedication is unrivaled; second to none. You can’t compare the master of one of these rare vehicles to the …

business car

What Are You Using Your Vehicle For?

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What do you use your vehicle for? Do you use it primarily for running errands? Do you drive it to and from work each day? Or, do you use it for business as well as personal use? This question may not seem like a big deal, but not properly disclosing how you use your vehicle can have serious insurance repercussions. For example, …

Winter Tires

Mandated Winter Tire Discount in Ontario

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As of Jan. 1, 2016, all insurance providers operating in Ontario are required to provide discounts—typically 2 to 5%—to policyholders who purchase and install winter tires. These discounts, which were mandated by the Ministry of Finance and the Government of Ontario, were put into force to not only reduce insurance rates, but also to improve overall roadway safety. How to …


New Rideshare Insurance Options for Alberta and Ontario

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Over the last few years, ridesharing services like Uber have become increasingly popular throughout Canada. Never used one of these services before? Here’s how it works: While drivers and passengers cite ridesharing as a cheaper, more convenient alternative to traditional taxi services, the industry has posed a number of challenges for regulatory bodies. One of the major issues relates to …

marijuana and driving

Deadly Driving: The Effects of Marijuana On Driving Safety

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Marijuana use significantly impairs one’s driving ability by affecting judgement, motor coordination and reaction time. In fact, according to the most recent data from the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, approximately 34 per cent of vehicle crash deaths can be linked to drug-impaired driving, which is nearly as many as those related to alcohol. Drug-impaired driving occurs when an operator …

Thinking of Leasing a Car? Be Careful!

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There are many advantages to leasing a vehicle. Whether you buy or lease depends on your own personal situation. Nevertheless, care should be taken when signing a lease as there are some important factors that must be considered. The Finances You Should Consider Deciding between leasing and buying a new car can be very confusing. If you’re in the market …

Importing Cars to Canada

How to Import a Vehicle From the US to Canada

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Before you even purchase a vehicle from the United States, it’s critical that you understand some of the preliminary steps to importing. This section will cover the major items you will need to be aware of as it relates to vehicle admissibility and titles. Vehicle Admissibility The first step to importing a vehicle from the United States is determining whether …