Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Below are some of the common commercial insurance policies we offer at Mumby. For a specialized solution that will perfectly protect your business with the right coverage, please complete this form and send it to, or contact us if you have any questions.

Business Interruption Insurance

Commercial General Liability

Commercial Property Coverage

Cyber Liability

Directors & Officers Liability

Errors and Omissions Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance (back to top)

Business interruption insurance can be as vital to your business survival as fire insurance. Most people would never consider opening a business without buying insurance to cover damage due to fire and windstorms, but too many small business owners fail to think about how they would manage if a fire or other disaster damaged their business premises so that they were temporarily unusable.

Business interruption coverage is not sold separately. It is added to a property insurance policy or included in a package policy.

Commercial General Liability (back to top)

Commercial general liability insurance, or CGL as it is commonly referred to, is coverage that will protect your business in the event that you are sued. It is often used to cover claims against your business for injury or property damage. Typical examples include if a customer is injured at your place of business, or say an employee damages property at a client’s site.

Without a commercial general liability insurance policy, you are leaving yourself and your company vulnerable to lawsuits that could have a devastating impact on your business. It is, unfortunately, a necessary cost of doing business because the likelihood of being sued is more common than you might think. It is for this reason that commercial general liability insurance is one of the most popular business insurance products sought after by business owners.

Contact Us to discuss your CGL options or download our resource below that explains CGL in more depth.

Commercial Property Coverage (back to top)

A fire in your workplace can be extremely costly. In addition to the costs associated with fixing the damages, there is also a good chance that your day-to-day business activities will be interrupted during the repairs. To avoid potential expenses related to workplace fires, it is important that you have adequate fire coverage.

Fire coverage is included as part of most property insurance policies for commercial buildings. However, it is important that you understand your policy to make sure it provides all the protection you need and that you are paying the right amount in premiums.


Cyber Liability (back to top)

Technology-related risks are increasing in Canada, and often affect small businesses like yours. If you have a website, publish a blog, post to social media, store any customer data online, accept credit card payments, or send customer information via email,  your business is at risk   

Your standard business insurance policy does NOT cover these exposures, and a cyber breach can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars or more.

Specifically, these are some of the risks you may face:

  • Legal fees, fines, or investigations and forensic costs incurred after a privacy or security breach takes place
  • The costs you incur to notify clients about your breach
  • Loss of business income during a business interruption
  • Extortion and terrorism related to cyber activities

We can provide you with the tools to assess your risk and can help create an insurance solution that will give you the confidence you need to continue to use technology as a tool, rather than a hindrance to your business.

Directors & Officers Liability (back to top)

Unlike a Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL) policy that provides coverage for claims arising from property damage and bodily injury, a Directors’ and Officers’ Liability (D&O) policy specifically provides coverage for a “wrongful act,” such as an actual or alleged error, omission, misleading statement, neglect or breach of duty.

A D&O policy provides defence costs and indemnity coverage to the entity listed on the policy, which may include:

  • Coverage for individual directors and officers
  • Reimbursement to the business for a contractual obligation to indemnity directors and officers who serve on the board
  • Protection for the organization or entity

Contact Us to discuss D&O policy options for your business or download our brochure below.

Errors and Omissions Insurance (back to top)

It’s a good news, bad news situation. The bad news: Lawsuits, once a measure of last resort, are now commonplace in settling disputes. The good news? You can protect yourself, and your business and reputation, by investing in professional liability coverage, also known as Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance.

E&O insurance is supplementary liability insurance that enhances any business owner’s policy by safeguarding against catastrophic loss in the event of a lawsuit due to a negligent act, error or omission by the professional.  In addition to claims of error, omission, or negligence, E&O insurance can also protect against slander, libel and breach of contract.

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