sun car damage

6 Key Tips to Protect Your Car from the Sun and Heat

Anthea Auto

If you don’t take the proper precautions, the sun can severely damage key components of your vehicle. In fact, it’s not uncommon for the exterior of cars to reach 90◦ C when exposed to direct sunlight in the summer. This amount of heat can not only wreak havoc on your car’s finish, but its interior as well. To protect your …

Family Vacation

10 Steps to Keep Your Home Safe While You’re On Vacation

Anthea Personal Property Insurance

When preparing to leave for a vacation, it’s easy to overlook basic home safety precautions. To protect your residence while you’re away and enjoy a worry-free trip, keep in mind the following tips. Preparing For Vacation There are a number of hazards that could affect your home while you’re away, including lightning, theft and flooding. In order to keep your …

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Liability Insurance In Action [True Stories]

Anthea Cyber Crime

As technology becomes increasingly important for successful business operations, the value of a strong cyber liability insurance policy continues to grow. The continued rise in the amount of information stored and transferred electronically has resulted in a remarkable increase in the potential exposures facing businesses. In an age where a stolen laptop or data breach can instantly compromise the personal …

hail car damage

Protecting Your Vehicle from Hail

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Hail can strike anywhere and at any time, causing major damage to your vehicle. When a hailstorm occurs, take the following precautions to keep you and your vehicle safe: Do not get out of your vehicle if you are driving during a hailstorm. If you can pull over to the side of the road, do so safely. Park your car …


500,000 Routers Affected by VPNFilter Malware

Anthea Personal Interest

Recently, researchers at Talos—a cyber intelligence unit of Cisco—warned consumers of malware (malicious software) that specifically targets networking devices. The malware, which is known as VPNFilter, impacts an estimated 500,000 routers worldwide, particularly targeting devices from the following manufacturers: Linksys MikroTik Netgear QNAP TP-Link VPNFilter Could Collect Your Information Without Your Knowledge Once on your equipment, the malware could stop …

Grilling fires

Don’t Get Burned By Poor Grilling Safety

Anthea Healthy Living

Though grilling is an extremely popular way to prepare food in the summer, it can also be dangerous. In fact, gas and charcoal grills account for thousands of fires on residential properties in Canada each year. This year, keep the following safety suggestions in mind when you fire up your grill: Make sure your grill is at least 1 metre …

Marijuana Canada

Senate Passes Bill C-45 to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

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On June 19, 2018, in a vote of 52 to 29, senators passed Bill C-45 (the Cannabis Act), paving the way for legalized, recreational marijuana. This makes Canada the second country in the world and the first G7 nation to implement federal legislation that legalizes recreational marijuana—a projected billion-dollar industry. The vote lifts Canada’s 95-year ban on cannabis, which, in …

We Are Connected

Are You Seeing the Big Picture?

Gerry Visca Personal Interest

“We’re all connected. No one in this world is alone.” ~ Gerry Visca One of my favourite things to do is venture out to the movies. I love everything about catching a cinematic adventure; the people, the popcorn and the experience of losing myself. Earlier this month, my life partner, Angela and I caught the flick: “I Can Only Imagine” …

Tornado plan

Preparing Your Home and Family for a Tornado

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When it comes to tornadoes, there’s no substitute for advanced planning. During peak tornado season—between May and August—storms that produce tornadoes can develop quickly, so it’s important for you and your family to know exactly what to do before and during a twister strike. Before a Tornado: Create a family tornado plan that identifies where you will seek shelter when …

too much caffeine

Are You Drinking Too Much Caffeine?

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Classified as a psychoactive drug, caffeine is a bitter substance found in coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate, some nuts and certain medicines. It has many effects on the body’s metabolism, including stimulation of the central nervous system. It can make one feel more alert and give a boost of energy. For most people, the amount of caffeine they consume each …