Knowledge Is Power: Electrical Safety Tips for the Home

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Electricity helps us live comfortably at home, but it isn’t something to take for granted. According to the National Fire Information Database, electrical fires account for 20% of total residential fires. Just one fire is enough to endanger your home, family and finances. Make sure to protect your home from electrical fires by keeping the following tips in mind: Know …


Avoiding Concussions in the Workplace

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The human brain is vulnerable to even small impacts. Common workplace injuries such as blows to the head, sustained falls and vehicle collisions have led to 1 out of every 4 adult concussions occurring at work. During a concussion, the spinal fluid that surrounds the brain isn’t able to act as a cushion. This essentially bruises the brain and creates …


Keep Kids Safe as They Play

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Swinging to the sky, cascading across the monkey bars and sliding to the ground are joys that kids love to experience on the playground. It’s especially fun for kids to enjoy these activities in the comfort and safety of their own backyards. However, thousands and thousands of children are treated for playground-related injuries each year. How can you keep your …


Practice Safe Commuting While Biking

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Biking is a great source of exercise, can help you save money on gas, and reduce the overall impact of your commuter’s carbon footprint. However, it it important to be safe while cycling your local roadways. As temperatures start to rise, many commuters may consider using a bike instead of their cars. Biking is a great way to get exercise, …

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How is Your Oral Health? April Is National Oral Health Month

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Alongside Health Canada, the Canadian Association of Public Health Dentistry dedicates the month of April to oral health awareness. Oral health problems are painful and costly, affecting millions of people each year. What many fail to realize is that poor oral health can lead to many seemingly unrelated medical conditions. In fact, oral bacteria and oral disease have been linked …


Tips for Shopping for a Safe Vehicle

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Are you searching for a new vehicle this spring season? It is important to know that while every new car must meet certain federal safety standards, that doesn’t mean that all cars are equally safe. Many automakers offer safety features beyond the required federal minimums. Find out more about what safety features should be considered when purchasing a car. Safety …


Don’t Let Spring Allergies Bring You Down!

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Millions of Canadians suffer from allergies every year. In particular, springtime allergies are an annual nuisance for many people. As plants begin to bloom and neighbours start to cut their grass more frequently, allergy sufferers nationwide start sniffling and sneezing. What’s more, mould growth blooms both indoors and outdoors, making it almost impossible to escape allergy triggers. Below are some …

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Understanding Life Insurance Terms

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Like many industries, the world of insurance has its own unique set of vocabulary to describe its products. To help you understand the information included in a life insurance policy, we’ve gathered some basics. Note that these definitions are for informational purposes only. These terms are not intended to be exhaustive and should not be construed as advice regarding coverage. …