Have You Heard About the CyberSecure Canada Certification Program?

Anthea Cyber Crime

The Canadian government recently announced the CyberSecure Canada Certification Program. This program was designed “to raise the cyber security baseline among Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), increase consumer confidence in the digital economy, promote international standardization and better position SMEs to compete globally.” Organizations that choose to obtain this voluntary certification will need to implement security controls designed to …

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Update: Ontario Approves the Use of Electronic Proof of Auto Insurance

Anthea Auto

Drivers in Ontario will now be able to provide electronic proof of auto insurance via a mobile device thanks to approval from the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA), which occurred on Sept. 5, 2019. Can I only use an electronic proof of insurance now? The “pink card” proof of auto insurance is not being eliminated, allowing drivers to …

Our Story

Sharing Our Story

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Over the past few months, you may have noticed some changes in our communications. These are small changes such as our updated logo, colours, and images. Today, we are sharing more about the reason for these changes. Through studying and learning from leaders such as Steve Jobs, Simon Sinek, Jack Canfield, and many others, we have learned that for any …


Getting Outside May Be the Key to Boosting Your Physical and Psychological Well-being

Anthea Healthy Living

A recent study published in Scientific Reports revealed that spending 120 minutes a week outdoors can improve your health and psychological well-being. Remember, well-being refers to feeling good and living both safely and healthily. And, the concept of well-being can have implications on your overall quality of life, health and happiness. What are the benefits of spending time outside? Exercising …

healthy eating

Make Healthy Eating Choices at Home and on the Go

Anthea Healthy Living

As we head into fall, our schedules get busier. This can make healthy eating more challenging! However, cultivating good eating habits is a sure-fire way to boost your health both at home and on the go. Health Canada suggests the following four habits for healthy eating: Healthy Habits at Home Be mindful of your eating habits—Notice when you’re hungry and …

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RV Safety Behind the Wheel

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RV’ing can be a fun way to see the world and spend time with your family. But because it’s bigger and heavier than an average car or truck, there are additional hazards that come with owning and operating an RV. Many RV accidents can be avoided by following these helpful tips. Pre-trip Tips: Know the weight capacity of your RV. …

cyber threats

Cyber Threats to Canadian Businesses in 2019

Anthea Business Development

Recently, the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security published its National Cyber Threat Assessment to detail its analysis of current cyber threats to Canada and Canadians. Part of this assessment examines the biggest cyber threats to Canadian businesses in 2019. These threats can lead to financial losses, damages to the organization’s reputation, loss of productivity, theft of intellectual property and disruptions …

team members

Helping Team Members to Step Outside Their Comfort Zones

Anthea Business Development

From Anthea’s Desk As a business owner, I am quite comfortable with discomfort. I look at discomfort as an opportunity to growth. Whether it is assessing new technology, a different strategy for customer service, changing our hiring practices, or anything else that takes place to advance my business, discomfort is the norm. I use the term ‘riding the waves’ as …

indoor air

Eliminating Indoor Air Pollution

Anthea Personal Property Insurance

Since air circulation is often restricted inside, it is speculated that indoor pollutants are far worse for humans than poor outdoor air quality. In fact, indoor pollutant levels are potentially 100 times more polluted than outdoor levels, and may pose major health risks. There are both long- and short-term health effects of indoor air pollution. Short-term effects can include eye, …

swimming pool

Personal Swimming Pool Safety

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Though splashing and diving is carefree fun, owning a backyard pool comes with serious responsibilities, too. From poolside party safety tips to supervision, there are many general safety precautions you can take to make sure your friends and family enjoy your pool. When hosting a pool party at home, it is wise to assign several adults to the job of …