Deciding Who Should Continue to Work From Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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As businesses across the country continue reopening and the possibility of a second wave of COVID-19 cases looms, employers are facing difficult decisions regarding work-from-home arrangements. Some employers are opting to extend work-from-home arrangements until next year, others are asking all employees to return to the office and some are offering a hybrid of the two models. For employers that …

power outage

How to Prepare for a Power Outage

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You can’t control the weather—but you can take proactive safety measures to protect your family and home against the threat of power outages. Consider these tips: Invest in a home generator. A portable backup power source can keep critical equipment like refrigerators, sump pumps and air conditioners running during a blackout. Utilize surge protectors. A UL-listed surge protector can safeguard …

coronavirus fact

Sorting Out Coronavirus Fact From Fiction

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Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, people were fighting misinformation about health conditions, vaccines and treatments online. With the pandemic constantly evolving, it may be hard to keep up and understand what’s factual and what is fake. It’s important to be up to date on COVID-19 guidance to understand your local regulations. Misinformation continues to spread about topics like at-home treatments, …

eye strain

How to Protect Your Eyes at Work

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According to the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, 700 Canadian workers experience work-related eye injuries each day. These injuries can stem from a variety of hazards—including projectiles (e.g., dust, metal or wood), chemicals, radiation, blood-borne pathogens and even electronic devices. Nevertheless, eye doctors confirm that utilizing proper safety precautions can help prevent or reduce the severity of 90 per …

cyber scam

Beware of These COVID-19-related Cyber Scams

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There are always opportunists who will act quickly to exploit a major event for their own gain while threatening the safety of others. The COVID-19 pandemic is no different, with cyber criminals aiming to take advantage of the confusion, distraction and large-scale shift to remote work resulting from the pandemic. The most common COVID-19-related cyber scams include the following: Phishing …


Trends to Continue Post-coronavirus

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The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in many changes as organizations worked to adapt to the altered landscape. As reopenings commence, organizations should consider continuing several of these changes into the “new normal,” such as the following: 1. Increased Focus on Wellness Organizations should continue to focus on wellness to ensure a healthy and satisfied workforce. Continuing the focus on wellness may …


Lowering Your Hydro Bill This Summer

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Don’t lose your cool as the temperature heats up. According to experts, residential electricity sales are expected to increase by 3 per cent this summer because more people are working from home and social distancing. Consider the following tips to save energy and keep energy costs down: Seal any cracks and openings. Warm air may leak into your home around …


Ontario’s COVID-19 Guidelines for Reopening Non-essential Businesses

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As Ontario continues to allow more non-essential businesses to reopen as part of its COVID-19 framework for reopening the province, it’s important to stay in the know on how your organization is affected and what guidelines you should follow to remain legally compliant. THE THREE PHASE RECOVERY PLAN Ontario’s COVID-19 framework for reopening the province is composed of three phases. …


Backyard Grilling Safety Tips for Summer Barbecues

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As warmer weather hits, the smell of food on the grill fills the air. However, thousands of home fires each year involve grills, so it’s important to brush up on barbecue safety. Consider the following grilling safety tips: Grill outside only. Do not use your grill in a garage or other enclosed space, even if it’s ventilated. Choose a safe …