auto insurance rates rising

Why Do Auto Insurance Rates Keep Rising?

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If your auto insurance rates seem to be climbing year after year, you might not be imagining it. And, the reason behind the increasing rates may have little (or nothing) to do with your driving abilities or accident history.

So, what’s driving up auto insurance rates?

Auto Insurance Fraud Costs Drivers Like You

Auto insurance fraud is likely higher than $2 billion every year. And it’s the honest drivers who are paying for the fraudulent minority. The shocking stats do not end thereā€¦

From the multiple ways in which fraud is committed, to the vast array of players gaming the system, to the government-backed initiatives that have gone uninitiated, all signal that meaningful action is needed. There’s simply too much abuse in the auto insurance system.

Aviva Canada surveyed consumers across Canada and found that overwhelmingly from province to province you agree.

  • You want to pay less for your insurance.
  • You should be paying less for your insurance.
  • And you can pay less for your insurance, if we fight fraud.

But, a problem this big can’t be tackled overnight. We all have to work together to inform ourselves, protect ourselves and apply pressure in the right places for actionable reform. Watch this video to find out more about the problem and what you can do: