Don’t Skip Your Annual Insurance Review

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Does your life look exactly the same as it did last year? Likely not. But, while most people’s lives are constantly in some sort of flux, many do not take the time to consider what implications those changes could have on their insurance needs.

Imagine This Scenario – Could This Happen To You?

You are in the process of building a new home but the completion date doesn’t quite match the closing date you’ve agreed upon in selling your old home. Your family decides to rent a home for 6 months while construction continues. Did you remember to take out renter’s insurance?

Many people in this situation would not even think about the need for added insurance coverage – They would be placing all of the possessions at risk of full loss if anything were to happen while they live in a rented home. That’s scary stuff!

What Can You Do To Keep Current With Your Insurance Needs?

The simplest course of action is scheduling an annual review with your insurance broker. Your broker will examine the changes in your life and make sure you have no gaps in your insurance. Further, he or she will help you identify and insurance coverage you may be purchasing that you no longer need, or insurance that you’re paying too much for!

Watch the following video to learn more about annual insurance reviews and then schedule an appointment for yours. It’s a free service we offer here at Mumby!