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Are You Hiring an Intern? Follow These 4 Tips

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For businesses large or small, internship programs can have many benefits. First, there are major savings involved when you compare the cost of hiring full-time employees. Second, internships provide great opportunities to young, local talent, allowing organizations to give back to their communities.

Want to see how hiring an intern could help your business? Consider this:

While starting an internship program can be similar to other hiring strategies, there are some considerations. When hiring an intern, keep in mind the following tips:

1. Establish hiring practices

Before hiring interns, there needs to be an overall program in place. The program should outline your general hiring process and identify the types of candidates that would best fit your needs. This will ensure that, when you onboard and offboard interns, you have a consistent and fluid system.

You should also identify a direct supervisor in your process. Most organizations hire interns on a seasonal basis. This means that you may have to work around school schedules.

2. Assign interns meaningful work

Interns should be given tasks relevant to their education. This will help them build a resume while allowing you to get more out of the hire.

Don’t be afraid to challenge you interns either. Younger candidates are often tech-savvy, enthusiastic and eager to learn, making them an invaluable addition to new projects.

3. Provide mentors to interns

You don’t want to leave interns without additional guidance. Giving your interns a mentor will not only provide them an avenue to direct any of their questions, but it will also give them access to an experienced professional. This can be a great career-building opportunity for young employees.

4. Build relationships with local universities

Connecting your open positions with the right individual is an ongoing challenge when hiring interns. By working with local universities, you can advertise any of your internship openings, often for free.

Depending on your line of business, it can also be beneficial to connect with a specific department, like business or marketing. Once you’ve established a relationship with a university, it’s important to have regular contact with them, even if you don’t have any immediate openings.

Interns can add a lot to your company, and, in some cases, they can become great candidates for full-time positions.

But, to get the most out of hiring an intern, it’s important that you are prepared with the proper internship program and set clear objectives. That way both your organization and your interns are primed for future success.